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by LaurettaCWright
About & Work With Me

Welcome to Home and Horizon – my lifestyle blog that I've been enjoying writing since 2016.

With a background in journalism, I love writing. I also love the freedom of being able to write about whatever I like, and this blog gives me the opportunity to do just that. 

It's called Home and Horizon for a reason – my two big passions are interiors and travel, but as the years have passed, and life's experiences have changed, my blog has evolved.

By day I'm the co-editor of a community magazine and in my spare time I enjoy some of life's little pleasures – baking, reading, walking and crafting.

After discovering I had breast cancer in 2019 – and having been one of the lucky ones to see the back of it – I try not to take anything for granted. My lifestyle has changed quite a lot since being diagnosed and I've chosen to write about many of my experiences with the purpose of helping others.

I live in Kent with my wonderful, supportive family which consists of my husband (known as VIP) and my two children, Luis (15) and Nadja (12), not forgetting our four rabbits, Jessie, Bo, Pippin and Pudding.

Work with me

I love collaborating with brands and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some AMAZING companies, for which I'm really grateful. As long as it's a brand that aligns with my own tastes, then I'm more than happy to help promote products and experiences if I see the benefit in them – please email me in the first instance to see what creative ideas I can suggest.

Please note that I don't currently accept guests posts or links in return for payment or social media promotion. I do however accept sponsored posts which are written by myself (in my style), as well as honest product reviews.

Other ways of working with me include video creation, social media promotion and article contributions. I'm also available for presentations and panel discussions on productivity in business, building a blog while working full time and working through long-term illness.

Please note that integrity is very important to me. Being a trained journalist with over 20 years' experience means that when I give a deadline, I'll always meet it. And when I say I'll offer constructive feedback – I do just that. I'd love to work with you – please feel free to have a look around the blog.

Collaborations that I'm particularly proud of include:

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Get to know me a bit better…

  1. In March 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent a lumpectomy to remove the tumour and had the affected lymph nodes removed. I underwent six months of chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy and on 31st December, 2019 I finished my main treatment. Here's the first blog post I wrote about my diagnosis. I am now undergoing adjuvant treatment for the next 10 years which includes daily tablets, monthly jabs and bone infusions every six months. During my treatment I developed a condition called lymphedema which I'm still coming to terms with.
    Essential Items To Keep In A Chemo Kit

    My last chemo session


  2. I'm half-Turkish (half-English). My middle name is ‘Canan’ (pronounced Jarnan) and means ‘Sweetheart’. When I graduated and I was called on stage to collect my degree certificate, they read out my full name and called me ‘Cannon' – one of those moments I'd rather forget!
  3. My son was born with bilateral talipes (Clubfoot). We were told he would always walk with a limp, have gait development issues and have to undergo ongoing extensive surgery. We challenged the NHS when it came to his treatment – and won. At 15 he now runs, jumps, skips and hops like any other child. No pain and no operations.
  4. My magazine collection is very important to me – I’m mildly obsessed with interior magazines and I have a secret stash of them. Except now it’s not a secret.
  5. I suffer terribly with migraines and my triggers are plenty: atmospheric changes, irregular eating, hormonal effects and strong smells. If you don't understand them, read this!
  6. I have a real fear of flying. This developed suddenly in 2016 after being involved in an air incident on the way back from a conference I was attending with work. It's a long story that one day I'll write about!
  7. Things I particularly love include Afternoon Tea (any excuse to eat cake), Yorkshire Tea, stationery, household gadgets/tech and candles (the soy wax kind). Natural products are also really important to me – from cleaning products to those I use on my skin. I'm also a big believer in self-improvement (you should see some of the books on my bookshelf!) To discover more of what I love, I put a page together on my Favourites (products, brands and experiences I swear by!)


DISCLAIMER: All views on Home and Horizon are my own. I turn down brands that don't align with my beliefs or lifestyle and I’m always honest in my reviews, whether or not they are sponsored.

Please note that links to merchants mentioned on this blog might be using an affiliate link. This means that – at zero cost to you – I might earn a commission if you buy something through that affiliate link. I believe in being transparent and honest, and therefore I wouldn't recommend a product or service if I wouldn't buy it myself. Integrity is extremely important to me.

Finally, I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness or validity of any information that I publish, and neither does the company that employs me. To put it bluntly, I’m not to blame for any errors, losses, injuries or damages arising from the words I choose to write.

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