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FotoJet Premium Package Review

by LaurettaCWright
FotoJet Premium Package Review

As bloggers we spend a lot of time being creative; we spend ages setting up the right shot for Instagram, putting together the perfect pin for Pinterest and editing our pictures so that they look as appealing as possible.

There are plenty of programmes, apps and systems to use – most of which are free to use, but when you’re competing with thousands of other social and digital influencers, you need to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re using the same stock images as other bloggers and vloggers, it means that you’re not getting your visual content seen as much, as repetitive images will often get missed.

There are a couple of ways around this; one is to take all your own pictures – and in an ideal world this would be preferable – and another is to utilise unique images that most other bloggers don’t have. There is a third – and that’s a combination of the above.

So when I was offered the chance to try the premium version of FotoJet Designer package (worth over £25), I jumped at the chance. Let’s take a closer look at what it actually offers…

Graphic Design

The programme claims that you can become a pro designer with its graphic design tool. How? By choosing from a whole range of templates – from invitations and flyers to cards and posters, not to mention social media graphics and banners – the list goes on.

Here’s an Instagram post that took me a matter of minutes to design…oh, and it's one I'm planning on publishing!

FotoJet Premium Package Review

Photo Editor

If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy taking photos but sometimes they don’t turn out exactly how you wanted them to. And that’s probably as much to do with not having super duper equipment as it is to do with my experience. So the best thing to do to get that professional – is cheat!

FotoJet’s Photo editor comes with powerful editing tools including the usual crop, resize and rotate, as well as the ability to adjust photos with effects, overlays, frames, text and clipart images.

Collage Maker

Making a collage is something I haven’t tried in a while, but I was intrigued – how would it turn out?!

Luckily, I had more than 800 collage layouts and templates to choose from – birthday, wedding, baby, love, anniversaries, family…

Girlwrighter’s 10th birthday has just gone, so I thought that a birthday cartoon collage would make a nice memento of her special day.

I actually had great fun making the collage and coming up with the captions for the bubbles. The great thing about make collages is that it would make a great gift for someone. It’s also a nice way of getting the creative juices flowing.

Tell me what you think of my creation…!

FotoJet Premium Package Review


Like any new programme, you’ll need to play around with it to get used to it, but if you’re familiar with other editing software it will be easy for you to navigate around the tools and systems.

I couldn’t see where my saved templates were, so I’m not 100% sure it allows you to re-edit previously designed creations, but I could stand corrected.

FotoJet Premium Package Review

My final thoughts…

If you’ve ever used Canva then you’ll find this programme a cinch to use as it has a similar look and feel. I found it very intuitive and easy to use, although on the Instagram template I had a spot of trouble replacing the template with my own chosen image.

When I decided to run with one of the stock templates it took me just a matter of seconds to design the Instagram post.

One thing that really impressed me was the huge volume of templates, fonts, images and pictures that FotoJet offers.

In the photos section alone there are 580,000 images to choose from – which is more than enough. Even choosing something quite random such as ‘desert’ generated more images than I could have asked for.

The programme also allows you to share your creations via social media from the platform or to download to your PC or Mac – yes, it’s compatible with both.

And the great thing about using FotoJet’s programme is that it’s not as well known (yet!) as programmes like canva, which means that you’re at a huge advantage in having access to images that other programmes don’t use.

If you’re a blogger and you could do with a programme like this, then I’m currently running a competition where you can win one of FOUR premium FotoJet Designer packages.
A Pin For Your Creative, Tech or Blogging Board

FotoJet Premium Package


Cal at Family Makes 7th October 2017 - 6:17 pm

This sounds like a great resource. I love what you made for Nadja – I bet she did too?

LaurettaCWright 7th October 2017 - 6:32 pm

She certainly did! Thanks Cal 🙂

Louise Smith 20th September 2017 - 1:29 pm

This looks like a really great package. I might have to try it out for myself as I love using websites like Canva to create my blog images 🙂

Louise x

LaurettaCWright 20th September 2017 - 1:53 pm

Best of luck if you do Louise – I think you’ll like it!

Charlotte 20th September 2017 - 9:50 am

I love the comic strip creation! what a great resource for bloggers, we do like to get creative

LaurettaCWright 20th September 2017 - 10:46 am

Thanks Charlotte – I found it quite therapeutic coming up with that comic strip! 🙂

Alicia 19th September 2017 - 10:10 pm

Thanks for this post! This is such a useful post and the this program sounds great! I myself am a massive fan of using canva! But I’m not very great at it haha x

LaurettaCWright 20th September 2017 - 8:35 am

Great to hear, thanks!

Rebecca Jacob 19th September 2017 - 8:53 pm

The idea of mixing canva design with stock images was awesome, I am so excited to apply it. Thank you

LaurettaCWright 20th September 2017 - 8:34 am

You’re welcome – good luck!

Ana De- Jesus 19th September 2017 - 2:00 pm

I love the collage and the programme sounds like a great way to get versed in graphic design! One thing I would like to learn is how to remove shadows from my photos x

LaurettaCWright 19th September 2017 - 2:07 pm

I think you can download apps for that too Ana, but worth having a look around..

Yvonne 19th September 2017 - 1:41 pm

I have not heard of this before, I really need to check it out! I love anything that can help me design things, I use picmonkey and canva and this looks similar. x

LaurettaCWright 19th September 2017 - 1:55 pm

I think you might like it Yvonne! 🙂

Newcastle Family Life 19th September 2017 - 11:41 am

This looks great, I had not heard of it before. Will have to check it out x

LaurettaCWright 19th September 2017 - 11:43 am

Good luck!

Kara 19th September 2017 - 8:06 am

I used picmonkey and have tried canva but can’t get my head around it. Might have to take a look at it

LaurettaCWright 19th September 2017 - 8:25 am

Just takes a bit of time to familiarise yourself Kara…I’m usually the one not knowing what to do!

Sophie's Nursery 19th September 2017 - 7:45 am

I use Canva so should be able to use this – it sounds really good & worth getting hold of a few different stock images! x

LaurettaCWright 19th September 2017 - 11:32 am

Definitely – get those stock images saved! 🙂

Anosa 19th September 2017 - 6:09 am

At the moment I am only using Canva and PicMonkey so this would be cool to try out. The competition is definitely fierce now and us bloggers we want to stand out
Anosa recently posted…Dinner and wine tasting at Franco Manca OxfordMy Profile

LaurettaCWright 19th September 2017 - 8:23 am

That’s right Anosa – it’s great to try out a different platform.

five little doves 18th September 2017 - 8:07 pm

Ooh this looks great!! It looks like a fab programme, I would definitely give this a try!

LaurettaCWright 18th September 2017 - 8:49 pm

It works really well, so definitely worth a try…

Dean of Little Steps 18th September 2017 - 2:17 pm

This program looks great. I usually use Canva and picmonkey to edit and make graphics for my blog 🙂

LaurettaCWright 18th September 2017 - 2:45 pm

Thanks Dean – it’s similar to Canva so you’d find it easy to use.

LaurettaCWright 18th September 2017 - 1:33 pm

Thanks Jon – it’s very intuitive so anyone would find it easy to get used to.

Jon 18th September 2017 - 1:29 pm

Really interesting package this. I think there’s always a learning curve when you take on something new but if like you’ve mentioned it is like Canva then it shouldn’t be too hard


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