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Home office hack – with the help of a rack

by LaurettaCWright
Home Office Hack

I’ve calculated that I spend at least 35-hours a week in my home office.

When I’m not working from home as part of my full time job, I’m putting in the extra hours at the weekend and at night working on this blog.

So as you can imagine, when you spend most of your working day in just one room, it’s gotta be a good one.

My creative space

I’ve recently redecorated my home office; I repainted the walls in silk paint (grey) to bounce the light around the room – and I treated myself to a new Chesterfield-type sofa.

The colour scheme is grey and features a fuchsia pink backdrop and accessories to match in a bid to spark creativity (important for what I do of course!). The vibe is fun, laid back and slightly industrial.

However, what I do have a problem with is paperwork. I like making lists and I tend to leave bits of paper lying around everywhere.

Home Office Hack

I have tried to keep my desk tidy but the paperwork sometimes gets on top of me

I’ve always tried to live by the idea that ‘a tidy desk means a tidy mind’; I’m quite orderly by nature (some would say anal); I like making lists and I get immense pleasure from having a tidy house.

So what I really needed for my home office was:

  • A good clear out
  • Some decent office storage

The big tidy

In terms of seeing to (a), I’m good at tackling a good clear out; in fact I aim do this on a weekly basis anyway to try to keep

Home Office Hack

Cox & Cox rack – just £30

on top of the scraps of paper (and my anxiety levels low!)

And for (b), Cox and Cox came to the rescue! In its spring 2017 range I chose a Wire Magazine Rack for £30 which measures 87(H) x 32 (W) x 19cm (D) to take care of the storage dilemma. (The company sells a similar one here for £45)

If I’m honest, I didn’t pay too much attention to the measurements when I ordered it, so when it was delivered it was much bigger than I had anticipated, which of course was a good thing – the bigger, the more storage!

I set to work straight away, tidying, cleaning and organising – and before long, all my scraps of paper were sorted out and files were created to keep organised in the rack.

A real motivator

Once the rack was on the wall, it looked great and fits in with the room’s vibe brilliantly.

I’ve stored all my A4 reminders, notices, bits of information etc…into sleeves, which have then been stored neatly in the rack.

I even had some space for my diary and some of my favourite interiors mags too. This has meant that my desk has finally become free of clutter!

In fact, dare I say it, it looks eerily like one of those ‘showhome’ office mock-ups you see in places like Ikea as you walk round (and you think to yourself how fake it looks – as no home office looks that neat, tidy and organised!)

But right now, mine does. And here’s the evidence….

Home Office Hack

Home Office Hack

The ‘before' shot (okay, I tidied up a bit)

Home Office Hack

And hey presto! What a difference a rack makes!






Home Office Hack

Home Office Hack

From Tramp…

Home Office Hack

….to Vamp!

What I really wanted to do was file away all the loose papers of school notices, reminders, tickets etc that were pinned to my clipboards.

You see, underneath all these bits and bobs were inspirational quotes, pictures of my kids and well, just nice things to look at.

The transformation worked a treat; now when I’m sat at my desk I’m no longer staring at the MOT reminder for my car; instead I can read quotes that inspire me to follow my dreams.

Oh, and not forgetting pictures of the kids of course; after all, they’re my biggest motivation for working my little socks off!

Cox & Cox provided me with an item of choice from their 2017 spring range in return for an honest review of their product.

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Nyomi 30th May 2017 - 8:49 pm

That looks great, such an improvement. I also like the grey and fushia colour combo. #snappedup

LaurettaCWright 31st May 2017 - 7:45 am

Thanks very much Nyomi!

Nicole 7th May 2017 - 11:42 am

Oh wow! I so need to do this! My home office is so messy, I can’t even show you a photo!

LaurettaCWright 7th May 2017 - 3:44 pm

Buying something new to help with storage actually helped me tidy up and sort things out – otherwise I don’t think I would have bothered!Thanks for the comment Nicole!

ruth cartwright 4th May 2017 - 8:31 am

I love a bit of organisation. I am also known to be covered in bits of paper and could doing with some extra help. My problem is lack of wall space, as I’ve got a really tiny room with a door in one wall and a window in another.
ruth cartwright recently posted…Why I print my photos*My Profile

LaurettaCWright 4th May 2017 - 9:25 am

Thanks for the comment Ruth – have you got space on the back of your door to hang storage? I’d utilise every bit of space

Donna Vallance 2nd May 2017 - 5:04 pm

I love this! Im just designing my craft room. I have to have that rack! thanks for sharing.

LaurettaCWright 2nd May 2017 - 5:21 pm

Glad you found it useful Donna – and thanks for letting me know!

Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... 24th April 2017 - 11:49 am

It really makes a difference! We have been trying to work out what to do with our desk space as I have 2 jobs that require computer work plus my blog. My partner also uses a computer for work so we take turns when he works from home. #snappedup

LaurettaCWright 24th April 2017 - 9:35 pm

It’s tough isn’t it? But I think being organised is definitely key to getting things done… X

Lisa Lambert (mumdadplus4) 3rd April 2017 - 7:20 pm

Wow it looks amazing I would love a work space I am currently set up in my kitchen or sat on the boys b drool floor on my phone like now

LaurettaCWright 3rd April 2017 - 7:42 pm

Thanks Lisa – I’m sure you’ll get a dedicated work space before long!

Jacqui Paterson 2nd April 2017 - 3:57 pm

Love Cox&Cox – I pretty much want everything they’ve ever sold, EVER! The rack looks great, BTW, I need something like this for my own office. x

LaurettaCWright 2nd April 2017 - 4:07 pm

Me too Jacqui – thanks ?

Agata 2nd April 2017 - 1:50 pm

Love the transformation. Such a small addition but it makes such a huge difference. I bet your workflow is much easier now.

LaurettaCWright 2nd April 2017 - 3:30 pm

Yes definitely! Thanks ?

Cal at Family Makes 1st April 2017 - 4:40 pm

The rack is great, I really think I might need one in my new house. The rest of your office looks fab too – I really like the clipboards on the wall, complete with kids’ photos and Wonder Woman sign!

LaurettaCWright 2nd April 2017 - 9:10 pm

Oh yes! I have to have that WW sign to keep me going too! 😉 Thanks Cal X

Natalia 31st March 2017 - 2:26 pm

I love how those look like. I may also add a rack in my office, it’s a very good idea x

Sarah 30th March 2017 - 9:15 pm

Ahh this is great! I have a lot of a4 notebooks and magazines that I cannot part with, but definitely need some storage so this would be perfect!

LaurettaCWright 2nd April 2017 - 9:11 pm

It’s a great rack Sarah – it’s holding most of my paperwork, notepads and my diary at the mo!

Ickle Pickle 30th March 2017 - 6:51 pm

This is such a lovely space. I work from home and my office is my settee at the moment! I need to find a corner for me! Kaz

LaurettaCWright 2nd April 2017 - 9:13 pm

Yes it’s important to have your own space definitely…good luck..! Under the stairs maybe or a corner of your bedroom?

Caroline 30th March 2017 - 3:25 pm

Absolutely love the rack from Cox and Cox, it really pulls the space together and makes it look super stylish.

LaurettaCWright 2nd April 2017 - 9:09 pm

Thanks Caroline – all I need now is a huge wall sticker – I’ve got my eye on a few!

Melanie 30th March 2017 - 11:33 am

I love keeping my office space organised. The rack looks like it is keeping you v well organised 🙂 x

LaurettaCWright 2nd April 2017 - 9:08 pm

Thanks Melanie – it is!

Jenny 30th March 2017 - 8:33 am

I love Cox and Cox, they have the best Christmas decorations! What a fab little office you have.

LaurettaCWright 30th March 2017 - 8:57 am

Thanks Jenny – I can’t keep out of it now – not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing though!

Becca 30th March 2017 - 8:19 am

What a great rack – slightly different to your use, but I’m looking for something similar to put inside my food cupboard, to but sauces and herbs and stuff in, so they’re easily accessible. Will look at the dimensions – think this could work well!

LaurettaCWright 30th March 2017 - 8:58 am

If it helps Becca it’s quite slimline – you can check out the dimensions on their website – good luck! 🙂

Melissa 30th March 2017 - 1:08 am

You did a fabulous job decluttering and sprucing up your home office. I agree, a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Hope you are able to focus more easily in your zen new space.

LaurettaCWright 30th March 2017 - 5:21 am

It’s working a treat – thanks Melissa!


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