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The Top 30 Things that Really Count in Life

by LaurettaCWright
Important in life

I recently came across a survey that outlined the top 30 things that really count in life – and it prompted me to write this post.

We all have things that are important to us in life – I’m not just talking about food, shelter, clothing, family etc, but the little things that count.

I think it’s all so easy to take the little things in life for granted. It’s only when we are faced with a huge life dilemma (or trauma) that we begin to appreciate how fragile life can be – and how we should count our blessings.

So every now and then (and when I remember), I try to take a step back and soak up the moment or feel appreciation for the little things.

In no particular order, here’s the 15 little things that I try to appreciate …

  • Having a good old chin-wag with a friend or my mum
  • Great feedback from other parents on my kids’ behaviour
  • When the bank balance is firmly in the black
  • Great results from my kids at school
  • When we all sit down for family night (this is my absolute favourite time of the week – the four of us, in our PJs, eating treats and watching a movie or Saturday night TV. Knowing that we don’t have to be up for work or school the next morning makes the evening even better!)
  • A clean and tidy house.
  • Going to sleep – I’m always out like a light!
  • Friday night at the Toby Carvery. We try to go most Fridays – it’s our family meal out, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and gets the weekend off to a great start!
  • When the kids come home from school in a good mood!
  • Waking up to the sun shining and the birds singing.
  • Receiving impromptu hugs and kisses from my family.
  • Going interior shopping at Lakeside (where they have a huge retail park full of my favourite shops).
  • A latte from Costa – in a takeaway cup.
  • When it’s raining cats and dogs and the wind is blowing a gust, but I’m warm and toasty inside.
  • Getting into my PJs.

So going back to the survey (from M&S Bank), it turns out that a well-made cup of tea, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and lazy Sundays are among the top 30 things that really count in life for Brits.

Paul Stokes, Head of Products for M&S Bank said: “We wanted to challenge people to really consider the things that are most valuable and important to them in life.

“The findings reveal that it’s some of the little things in life, like a well-made cup of tea, lazy Sundays or having a laugh with friends and family, that count the most for Brits; it’s the small things that can make a big difference.”

Hugs, a stress-free job and owning a reliable car also ranked as important, as did getting a bit of peace and quiet and climbing into bed with fresh sheets.

Other results from the survey revealed that 60% of Brits said that memories are the most important thing to them.

However, they said they didn’t realise what is truly important in life until they were 31 years old, and 15% say they still haven’t decided.

Important in life

Eight in ten Brits say it is important to maintain a positive outlook on life, and are more likely to befriend someone with an optimistic view on the world.

Paul Stokes added: “In addition to looking at what Brits value most in life, the research also looked at what people most want to achieve to make 2017 count, with losing weight, saving more money and going on holiday topping the list.

“Small changes add up to make a big difference, and can help to make 2017 really count, whether that’s saving a little each month for a rainy day, or helping to make that weekend away or family holiday a reality.”

The 30 Things That Really Count in Life

  1. Healthy family
  2. Being financially comfortable
  3. Having a laugh
  4. Being close to family
  5. Getting enough sleep
  6. Hugs
  7. Reliable car
  8. Having a pet
  9. Kids doing well in school
  10. Peace and quiet
  11. Getting a kiss when you are not expecting one
  12. A stress-free job
  13. Well-made cup of tea
  14. Football team doing well in the season
  15. A luxury holiday
  16. A well-paid job
  17. Having a creative outlet
  18. Strong Wi-Fi connection
  19. Climbing into bed with fresh sheets
  20. Lazy Sundays
  21. Feeling secure at work
  22. Being wealthy
  23. A nice glass of wine or beer at the end of the day
  24. Seeing grandparents
  25. Fresh coffee
  26. Being spontaneous
  27. Going to the pub
  28. Trains running on schedule
  29. The smell outside after it has stopped raining
  30. Being cooked dinner

 What small joys in life are important to you?


Victoria - Lylia Rose 22nd July 2017 - 9:39 pm

Not having money worries definitely helps. Kids being happy also – nothing worse than them in a bad mood (or the hubby), always puts me in a bad mood! I like the reliable car one too – I used to have a terrible car and it felt so unsafe to drive that I panicked any time I had to go on a fast road. Now I have a much better car and its made the world of difference, I enjoy driving again 🙂

LaurettaCWright 22nd July 2017 - 9:42 pm

Thanks Victoria – agree with the car one…I’d fear for all of us if ours broke down! 🙁

Deborah Nicholas 2nd July 2017 - 6:23 pm

I love making lists and this is a great one! Im with you on the PJs!! Its the little things that count!

LaurettaCWright 2nd July 2017 - 7:02 pm

I’m in mine now! 😉

Carolynne 2nd July 2017 - 1:56 pm

I like that ‘Having a pet’ came in at number eight hehe! This is such a great post, it’s so hard when we feel annoyed and down about things that get to us, that we don’t sit back and look at what we DO have. Hugs for me definitely has to be top of my list.. with my children. Snuggling up with them is my favourite thing to do ever! Plus I have 4 healthy kids which has to be THE most important thing in life!
Carolynne recently posted…Timeless Toy Story with Thinkway ToysMy Profile

LaurettaCWright 2nd July 2017 - 4:50 pm

Ah that’s lovely – thanks Carolynne! Yes, great priorities and health, of course, has to be up there.

Becca Talbot 1st July 2017 - 9:11 pm

I completely agree with everything you’ve said Lauretta – the little, simple things in life mean the most, as they’re the things you miss when they’re gone x

LaurettaCWright 1st July 2017 - 11:29 pm

Yes the little things are what you remember aren’t they? Thanks Becca – and thanks for getting my name right – most people don’t! Also – havevti ssy im loving your blog and blog posts … right up my street! Keep up the great work!

LaurettaCWright 2nd July 2017 - 4:50 pm

Definitely Becca – thanks!

melissa major 30th June 2017 - 5:10 pm

Simple things count so much! I love having fun long conversations with my mum

LaurettaCWright 30th June 2017 - 7:43 pm

Ah that’s lovely – me too!

Helen 30th June 2017 - 8:31 am

I love both of these lists and agree with so many of them. For me spending time with my daughter, a quiet sit down with a cup of tea and meeting up with friends would be top of my list.
Helen recently posted…June DegustaboxMy Profile

LaurettaCWright 30th June 2017 - 8:43 am

That’s lovely Helen – and they all sound great!

Anosa 29th June 2017 - 3:43 pm

It truly is the simple things in life that truly count and make a huge difference. I love a good catch up with my family and friends or spending time along counting the stars
Anosa recently posted…{Guest Post} Summer Sandals ~ HotterMy Profile

LaurettaCWright 29th June 2017 - 4:32 pm

Definitely – thanks Anosa!

Tanya 29th June 2017 - 1:22 pm

For me the main ones are having healthy and happy family and friends, and laughter. You can really tear away the grey from a bad day by having a little giggle with someone or even alone watching a funny film

LaurettaCWright 29th June 2017 - 1:55 pm

Very true! Thanks Tanya…I’m loving Katherine Ryan at the mo – she never fails to make me laugh!

Anne Marie 29th June 2017 - 10:55 am

That’s a really good post Loretta! I didn’t want to read it at first because it’s not interiors related (obsession of mine 🙂 ) but I’m glad I did. We do take all those little things for granted. I was reading this post and smiling as it brought good memories of all those little things. You just made me miss my kids and they are only at school and come back in few hours and that never happens! Let’s hope they’re gonna be in good mood when they leave the school 🙂

Annie B 29th June 2017 - 10:08 am

I could do with doing a list whilst I am away at the moment. I need reminding sometimes of the good things in life

Steph 28th June 2017 - 7:24 pm

I’ll take the stress free job job! Sadly that’s something I don’t have. I love the idea of this list. I should make one

LaurettaCWright 29th June 2017 - 7:05 pm

Yes maybe make a list to reinforce what’s great about your life – it does make you feel better that’s for sure!

Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes 28th June 2017 - 3:09 pm

I really love this post, I think it is so important to take a step back and appreciate the little things that really count 🙂

LaurettaCWright 28th June 2017 - 6:41 pm

Very true – thanks Jemma!

Angela Milnes 28th June 2017 - 12:58 pm

What an awesome post and I really love all your list. It’s important to have a healthy family

LaurettaCWright 28th June 2017 - 1:40 pm

Thanks Angela… yes, very true!

Ashleigh 28th June 2017 - 12:09 pm

A healthy family and friends is what is most important to me. I also love being cooked dinner though!

Stephanie 28th June 2017 - 9:47 am

It really is the simple things in life that mean the most – love this post x

Candice Nikeia 28th June 2017 - 6:39 am

I agree with all 30 of these must haves/dos! I especially love the peace and quiet importance!

Angela Bethea 28th June 2017 - 3:21 am

I totally agree with these list especially the strong WIFI connection haha. Be happy and be thankful always.

LaurettaCWright 28th June 2017 - 5:40 am

Thanks Angela!

Joanna 27th June 2017 - 8:45 pm

I believe that little things make your life happy. And yes, money is one of them. If you struggle and worry about money all the time you can;t be truly happy.

Rebecca 27th June 2017 - 8:33 pm

Lovely post! I agree that it takes a while to realise what’s important in life. An unexpected kiss from my toddler is the BEST thing ever! I also love a costa latte in a takeaway cup!

Melanie 27th June 2017 - 8:28 pm

Receiving impromptu hugs and kisses from my family and also getting some sleep lol 🙂 x

denajayne 27th June 2017 - 6:54 pm

Haha, is it sad I really appreciate sleep too?! I’m always reflecting back on how much the small things matter too! xo

Sarah Bailey 27th June 2017 - 5:15 pm

I love this post I think we often don’t remember the little things and feel greatful for them, yet they can really make a day.

LaurettaCWright 27th June 2017 - 5:27 pm

Thanks Sarah – I guess a lot of bloggers have gratitude lists which I think are a good idea.

Mummy Times Two 27th June 2017 - 1:27 pm

I love both of these lists so much. It is so easy to get bogged down in unimportant things, it’s definitely good to focus on what matters.

LaurettaCWright 27th June 2017 - 5:27 pm

Absolutely! Thank you! 🙂

Healthy & Psyched 27th June 2017 - 8:10 am

What a lovely list. I should try and appreciate getting into my PJ’s more. I used to but now it is just a habit.

LaurettaCWright 27th June 2017 - 9:20 am

I love getting in my PJs early – but then regret it when the doorbell goes!

Tanya Brannan 27th June 2017 - 7:31 am

I couldn’t agree with you more! The best one is when it is pouring down and you are snuggled up inside, preferably with a good book and a great cup of tea! We all should be more grateful for the small thing in life, as nothing is ever promised. xx

LaurettaCWright 27th June 2017 - 9:19 am

You hit the nail on the head Tanya – thanks for that

Leandra 27th June 2017 - 6:49 am

It’s really good to see that the majority of these are simple, easily achievable things ?
Leandra recently posted…|OUT AND ABOUT|turbo peddlers at Willen lakeMy Profile

LaurettaCWright 27th June 2017 - 10:34 am

As it should be I think Leandra!

Rebecca 26th June 2017 - 10:09 pm

This is such a lovely list – really helps to remind you what things are important in life

LaurettaCWright 27th June 2017 - 10:34 am

That’s what I hoped for – thanks Rebecca

Baby Isabella 26th June 2017 - 10:05 pm

My mummy has just come out of hospital so she can totally relate to this post and not take the little things for granted. Even just laying down on her back and getting a good nights sleep is out of reach at the moment. It’s the little things that make us happy!

Leslie Hernandez 26th June 2017 - 7:19 pm

Awesome post! I love this list just because its a reminder of the things that matter and should always be important to us. Life sometimes can be hectic but the little things should mean so much to us and we should be appreciative and grateful for them.

LaurettaCWright 26th June 2017 - 7:45 pm

Thanks very much – that’s lovely to hear – and you’re quite right!

AJ Wathern 26th June 2017 - 5:50 pm

This is such a wonderful list! They both are in fact but I love how you made yours so personal. To me the greatest joy is when my painkillers kick in and I can curl up with either a book or my favourite tv shows and just relax 🙂 x

LaurettaCWright 26th June 2017 - 7:46 pm

That sounds like just the ticket! 🙂

Stephanie Usher 26th June 2017 - 2:32 pm

This is such a lovely list and it really does just remind you what’s important! I love the “Receiving impromptu hugs and kisses from my family” option, its so true the difference this makes! xx

LaurettaCWright 26th June 2017 - 7:47 pm

Definitely – certainly makes my day seem a whole lot brighter!

Sarah Ann 26th June 2017 - 11:38 am

As I’m not in my early thirties (enjoy that whilst I can!), it’s definitely the smaller things in life I appreciate the most. Having just gone through a second cornea transplant, I’m just grateful to wake up in the morning and be able to see.

LaurettaCWright 26th June 2017 - 7:47 pm

That’s fantastic Sarah Ann – and long may that continue..

francesca 26th June 2017 - 8:13 am

The fresh sheets one is definitely on my list!! They make me feel more at peace and I’ve no idea why!! I also love unexpected kisses!!

LaurettaCWright 26th June 2017 - 7:48 pm

I love the fresh smell and crispness of clean sheets – I’d love them every day if I could!

Emily Leary 25th June 2017 - 8:29 pm

Lovely list, makes me appreciate a lot of the smaller things. Totally agree about the joy of getting into your pajamas!

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:16 pm

A few people have told me it’s one of the first things they do when they get in from work!

clarissa Davies 25th June 2017 - 8:01 pm

you’re so right on so many of these, Sometimes a chin-wag/ vent is so needed and appreciated when the girls are in a good mood ( Both my girls have autism – so hit and miss) love this will try to keep remembering the good.
thank you for the reminder!

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:18 pm

Thanks Clarissa – it’s interesting isn’t it? I always think that if the going gets tough there’s always someone else going through a much harder time.

Lilinha 25th June 2017 - 7:53 pm

I agree with so many things in the list, especially my family, spending quality time together with lots of cuddles! 🙂
Lilinha recently posted…Encouraging your Partner to Try a New LookMy Profile

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:19 pm

Ah yes – cuddles are lovely! 🙂

nicol 25th June 2017 - 7:04 pm

i agree with a lot of the points. not many people agree with the football team one but I’m a big fan so it counts haha

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:20 pm

I agree – it’s all about what makes you happy that counts – not others!

Melanie 25th June 2017 - 8:22 am

Love this list…for me hugs and kisses are at the top 🙂 x

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 8:40 am

Ah that’s lovely!

Amy 25th June 2017 - 1:18 am

Great list – I absolutely love lazy Sundays; Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week since I was little! Peace and quiet is lovely too!

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:30 am

Nothing like a lazy Sunday!

Donna 24th June 2017 - 4:56 pm

Ah I LOVE THIS! It’s so good to reflect on everything we are fortunate to have. I agree with the list!

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:31 am

Thanks Donna – #feelgoodmoment

Samantha Bye 23rd June 2017 - 9:00 pm

I absolutely love that trains being on time was on the list! That makes me love being British a little bit more, we all hate public transport delays together!

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:31 am

We certainly do – especially on a Monday…I like to get the week started off well!

Stephanie Merry 23rd June 2017 - 2:09 pm

I think that list covers everything, I really try and appreciate the simple things in life too x

LaurettaCWright 25th June 2017 - 9:31 am

Thanks Stephanie – good attitude!

Yaya 23rd June 2017 - 10:57 am

I don’t think I can add much to your list as it’s spot on, but I’ll try – finding a good parking spot, when all the kids are getting along, knowing where I took off my glasses the night before and not having to hunt from them blindly, a good cup of tea and that cosy feeling it gives. xx

LaurettaCWright 23rd June 2017 - 11:01 am

They all sound like a good bet – especially the cuppa!

Baby Isabella 23rd June 2017 - 9:57 am

Having family close by and someone to talk to is important for us. At the moment having health is more important than having wealth x

LaurettaCWright 23rd June 2017 - 10:26 am

Health before wealth – love it!

Rhian Westbury 23rd June 2017 - 9:09 am

Small joys for me are when I manage to get to bed before 11pm, waking up to my alarm and not instantly wanting to hit snooze, making a home cooked meal and getting good feedback from my other half and having a clean and tidy house x

LaurettaCWright 23rd June 2017 - 10:29 am

Ooh lovely yes – especially agree with the clean & tidy house!

kerry 23rd June 2017 - 7:12 am

Ohhhh you know how I bang on about the little things in life, so couldn’t agree more. I love the quiet of the early morning too, like before 6am, so would add that to my list xxx

LaurettaCWright 23rd June 2017 - 7:53 am

That’s a good one Kerry… I was up at 5.30 this morning to watch sunrise and it was so peaceful…

LaaLaa 23rd June 2017 - 6:52 am

It’s definitely the simple things in life. When I was younger I use to feel things had to be extravagant and with a high price value to bring happiness. Not the case for me as I’ve got older. X

LaurettaCWright 23rd June 2017 - 7:07 am

That’s true – I think the older you get, the more the small things become important…


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