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The day I met a millionaire: the chance meeting

by LaurettaCWright
met a millionaire

One day I met a millionaire. At the time I had no idea he was a millionaire; I had guessed that he was wealthy but millionaire status? No chance.

It was the summer of 2015 and we were on a two-wee holiday with the kids in Palma, Mallorca.

We enjoyed exploring the island by day in our hire car and at night, we'd find some seating by the pool to enjoy the entertainment, while the kids went off and played.

This one particular evening, we had found a large seating area – with 6 seats to sit us all. VIP had gone off to the bar to get drinks, the kids were off playing and I was sat minding my own business and enjoying the singing entertainment.

I heard steps and looked up expecting to see VIP with the refreshments, but instead stood this 20-something year old blond guy asking me if he could sit down in broken English.

I said ‘Yeah sure – my husband and kids are coming back soon, but there’s room for you’.

He gave me a smile and sat down. Within seconds he was joined by his girlfriend and an older woman (who turned out to be his mother). They sat there chatting away in German, possibly commenting on why i'd chosen to hog such a huge seating area when it was just me sat by myself.

First impressions

I was starting to feel a bit outnumbered and a bit uncomfortable, when suddenly more members of the family turned up – an older guy (in his late 40s) and a young girl of about 10 years old.

I silently started to curse VIP for taking so long at the bar. But the latest guy to arrive started chatting with me in English and seemed genuinely interested in finding out lots about me – our holiday, where I'm from, who I'm with etc.

He had an air of arrogance about him and was immaculately dressed, but dare I say it, not bad on the eye.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of making small talk, eventually VIP comes looking surprised that I’ve acquired a fan club.

After a few seconds of awkward exchanges, VIP susses out they are German and promptly dives straight into conversation with them.

I must point out at this stage that VIP is a language teacher (and nerd) and is always on the look-out to chat with people in their native tongue – be in French, German or Spanish.

But the family were mighty impressed that a Brit could speak their language – and they wasted no time in telling me how brilliant he was at their language.

It's always lovely to hear people sing his praises – more so because VIP is always modest and finds it uncomfortable to accept compliments – much to my amusement.

The invitation

What turned out being a night of awkward exchanges quickly turned into a great night in relaxed company, with plenty of laughing and joking going on.

It turned out that the older, well dressed German was in fact a millionaire – and he just so happened to have his yacht moored ‘down the road’.

The next thing we know, we’re being invited to join him and his family the following day for a day at sea. Being polite Brit, we tell him we don’t want to invade on their family privacy etc but he wasn't taking no for an answer, so we gratefully accepted.

The following day was probably the best day of our holiday – Mr Smooth (as I nicknamed him), took us on a long boat ride right around the coastline to an absolutely stunning secluded bay surrounded by cliffs with not a soul around.

The colour of the water was an amazing turquoise and crystal clear – the sort that you only ever see in movies. He cooked us a BBQ lunch on deck and we felt like we owned the world – it was a day we’ll all fondly remember.

One thing that did make me laugh while we were sunning ourselves on the yacht was a comment VIP made.

Our son, Luis, who was 10 at the time must have been mulling the whole situation over in his mind.

“This is great isn't it?” he piped up….”Sitting on this yacht and enjoying the sun….but why haven't we got anything they can go on in return. We need to thank them.”

Quick as a flash VIP turned round and said: “They can go on our towel if they like.”  Pretty much summed up all we could offer in return, but we all saw the funny side.

As it turned out, we managed to get to the wine shop before leaving for home to offer them a bottle of wine for their generosity.

And that was the start of what has turned into a friendship….and it feels strange to know that I’ve got a social media millionaire friend – and all because I said four little words: “Sure, take a seat…”

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