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Smart storage for small spaces

by LaurettaCWright
Smart storage

Do you ever find there’s never enough space in your *bedsit/flat/house/mansion? (*delete as appropriate)

Smart storage

2 Drawer Hallway Bench £24.99, Wayfair

Well, believe it or not, it’s a common problem for most of the population; it seems the more space we have, the more clutter we accumulate.

Worse still, if you’re a bit of a hoarder, you might find yourself struggling to find room for your new purchases.

However, help is at hand as there are some great smart storage solutions out there to make the most out of your space.

But before I reveal a selection of these (often multi-functional) products and advice from Wayfair’s style expert, let me first suggest ways of cutting down the clutter:

Start off small otherwise the job at hand will seem too hard to complete.

  • Pick one drawer in your kitchen, take everything out, then clean the drawer. As you (slowly) start to put back items, ask yourself if you’ve used each of them in the last 6 months and whether or not you actually need it.
  • If not, it’s unlikely that you’ll need it in the next 6 months, so let it go to charity.
  • Chipped, broken or useless items should be thrown out; if they’re sentimental, storage them in nice storage boxes in the loft.
  • Continue doing this until you’ve reloading and reorganized your drawer. You’ll probably get a bit of a buzz for a having a clear out, so you might choose to take on a second drawer….and a third. And if you don’t, no big deal – you can look at it the next day instead.
  • But make sure you set yourself goals – for example, to have cleared 3 drawers by the end of the week. Do this each week, working your way through different rooms.
  • When it comes to bigger tasks like storage rooms, lofts or admin/paperwork, give yourself a lot longer – from a whole day to a weekend to at least get the lion’s share done.

I always have three piles when I go through and have a big clear out –

– Things to sell (on eBay)
– Items for the charity shop
– Items for the bin

Wayfair’s Resident Style Expert, Nadia McCowan Hill, also has some great ideas on small space solutions and how smart storage can help…

1. More is most certainly more

Many people prefer to have a statement coffee table in their front room or an extravagant island in their kitchen – both of which occupy a lot of space.

In these instances opting for furniture which comes with compartments is a great way to maximise your space.  Not only will it add mystery and flair, but also add a multi-purpose edge to your abode.

2. Living the shelf life

Bookcases are the answer to any collector’s dilemma. If you’re partial to trinkets, décor items and vases ensure you buy yourself a sturdy bookshelf or shelves that have an abundance of compartments and drawers.

This will also organise your items instead of cluttering your living space. Shelves are also a great way to add ambience to a room, by decorating them with small statues, ornaments and succulents.

3. It’s storage inception: Storage boxes for storage

This may seem like an obvious solution, but they’re frequently overlooked.  Boxes are a great way of keeping things separate from one another, particularly shoes, socks and even cosmetics.

To avoid a pile of shoes overflowing from your shoebox, pack your out of season footwear into a storage box and tuck them under your bed drawers or pop them into your closet.  Segregating your underwear, ties and other items into boxes allows you to maximise space in drawers for more.

Smart storage for small spaces

Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray £68.99, Wayfair

4. Grow a chic jewellery tree

A jewellery tree is a must for those who love to keep their accessories on display. Not only does using one stop your necklaces and bracelets from turning into a tangled nightmare, but it’ll also ensure they’ll be in plain sight – perfect for accessorising quickly before heading out.

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