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Puressentiel Gentle Heat Diffuser

by LaurettaCWright

The recently launched Puressentiel Gentle Heat Diffuser promises to fill your home with the sweet smell of essential oils, whilst offering additional benefits. So in the name of research, I trialled it to see if this really was an ‘essentiel’ bit of kit…

What is it?
The Puressentiel Gentle Heat Diffuser allows you to ‘burn’ essential oils indoors. But it’s not just about creating pleasant scents, the essential oils that complement the range include a Relax blend to create a calming atmosphere; a Respiratory blend to help clear stuffy noses; and a Purifying blend to help keep the air clean.

First impressions
The product is nicely packaged and is also a cinch to set up. In fact, common sense meant that I didn’t need to check the setup instructions (it’s a case of take it out the box and plug it in), but it’s wise to read them to know how to use the product once you’re ready to go.

The design
The diffuser itself features a nice tear-drop design and its white colour (also available in navy) means that it will blend in with most types of décor. I’ve put mine on my (white) radiator cover in the hallway as it doesn’t look out of place and means that when visitors call, they get to sample ‘scent of the day’. As it only emits heat from the top (up to 45°C), it can be placed on any surface and is unobtrusive when switched on, thanks to its silent operation.

What worked?
With two kids and a cat in the house, the product is ideal from a safety point of view. There are no candles to light and no chance of getting fingers (or paws) burnt. The ‘hollow’ dish heats up to diffuse the oils, but it doesn’t get too hot for accidental burns, and within a matter of minutes the room is filled (but not overbearing) with a scented fragrance.puressentiel 2_opt

A big plus point for me was that it has an automatic timer installed. This means that when you set it up and switch it on, it automatically switches off after a set time (about 58 minutes), meaning that there’s no risk of it being left on for long periods. To reset the timer (after adding more oil), you simply flick the switch off and back on again. You’ll know you’ve done this correctly as the blue light on the front will come on and stay on whilst in use.

The device comes with a relatively long cord – handy as it means you’re not limited to where the product can be placed (within close proximity of a plug point, of course).

puressentiel4_optIt also appears the product is kid-proof. My eight-year old decided to switch it off then back on again without putting any more oil in. When I found it (half expecting to see burnt oil caked to the side and the product ruined), I was surprised that all that remained were darker patches of oil that had dried. I was even more surprised when the dried oil came off easily with a wet wipe.

This brings me on to the last plus point – it’s extremely easy to clean. I have been using un-fragranced wet wipes, but a simple damp cloth is suggested and works equally well.

What didn’t work?
I thought long and hard about this and I struggled to come up with any obvious negative points. I suppose the only thing that I might change is the colour of the essential oils themselves, two of which are dark yellow. The Respiratory Blend is possibly my favourite – because of its colourless appearance and the fact that it really does help clear the sinuses when you have the snuffles.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with having yellow oils – it’s simply a personal preference – but as I said, I was struggling to come up with any negative points.

The RRP is £29.99 while the RRP for the oil blends is £7.99. The product comes in white or navy and is available from Day Lewis Pharmacies.puressentiel4_opt

The final verdict
Since trialing this product I’ve used it most days; not to mask any smells in the house I hasten to add, but simply because I genuinely like it and see its benefits – ease of use (no candles or lighters to fiddle around with), an auto timer and a nice design.

For more information see www.puressentiel.com

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a review sample. I am always honest in my opinionsregardless of whether or not I bought or was gifted a product or service.


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