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Occles review: block out light pollution

by LaurettaCWright
Occles review: do they prevent light pollution?

Being a parent of two kids under 10 years means that, from time to time, I don’t get the full seven hours of sleep that I need.

So every now and then I’ll try taking a power nap – usually at the weekend when the kids are engrossed in a film.

The problem with power naps is that even though my body is craving rest, my brain just won’t switch off. And part of the reason for this is the light; enter Occles – a British designed travel eyewear that eliminates light infiltration.

When I heard about its launch, I needed to do an Occles review – for sanity’s sake!

What is Occles?

Occles is eyewear that blocks out all light, leaving you looking at, well…nothing (pitch black).

It’s highlighted as being ideal for those suffering from light pollution on the plane, train, tube or in their bedroom, hotel rooms or anywhere that light infiltrates – either from indoor bothersome lighting or from excessive street lights.

And this – as I know from firsthand experience – is a problem that causes lack of sleep.

The concept

Two Scottish entrepreneurs, Lynne and Hugh, originally thought up the idea whilst lying on a beach unable to sleep due to the bright sunlight penetrating their eyes though their sunglasses.

Having tried various items to block out the light they finally designed Occles eyewear which protects eyes from light pollution in any situation, as well as UV and sunlight on the beach or by the pool.

The design

The product design focuses on creating a comfortable sleep-mask, so it can also be worn for long-haul flights and places like spas or in hotels with no black-out curtains.

It’s light, durable, strong and bridge-less so you won’t get tan lines when donning them on the beach.

They claim to be comfortable to wear and have an adjustable fit for a range of head sizes. They are also available in a variety of distinctive colours.Do Occles eyewear block out the light?

First impressions

Occles are nicely packaged and you can easily guess from the pictures on the pack what the product does.

On taking them out of the packaging, my first thought was that they resembled goggles – but the reason for that became apparent when I started to use them.

The first thing I noticed when I tried them on was how light they were, so you’re hardly aware you’ve got them on, aside from the fact that you can’t see a thing!

The straps at the side were digging in my ears a little, until I realised that they should be worn to sit above the ears like glasses – and then they were very comfortable.

What worked with the Occles review?

Despite me trying them in various places – on the sofa, in bed, leaning back on a chair etc, and across different days and times – they continued to feel comfortable.

Thanks to their goggle-like design, I wasn’t aware of wearing them after a few minutes. This was the huge plus point for me.

In the past when I’ve worn eye masks I’ve always been aware that I’m wearing something covering my eyes. However, Occles allows for natural eye movement as they don’t rest on the eyelids, meaning they are not obtrusive or restrictive when wearing them. Big brownie points here.

The strap itself is adjustable which means that even my pea-sized head fitted comfortably without too much adjustment.

What didn’t?

I was quite surprised that Occles did indeed block out the light. When I looked far left and far right I could however see some light, but given that we don’t go to sleep (or sunbathe) looking to the left or right, this shouldn’t put you off.

I like the fact that Occles protects eyes from harmful rays, so I could see people opting to wear them on the beach – especially as you don’t get the obvious tan line on the nose with them.

However, I can’t see myself using them myself in this way – for two reasons (1) I’m not a sun-worshipper and (2) With two young kids I need to be able to ‘spy’ on them from behind my sunglasses when they think I’m not looking.Do Occles work?

Some might feel self-conscious wearing them as the design is so unique, but the way I see it – if I can get some decent shut-eye or protect my eyes from harmful rays, then I know what I’d rather do.

After all, if you’re on your sunbed with your eyes closed and your Occles on, it’s not as if you’d be aware of anyone checking you out…- the word ‘ostrich’ and ‘burying head in sand’ spring to mind!

The final verdict

On doing further research on Occles, I discover that it can help those with tired travel eyes, overworked eyes, shift workers, migraine, dry eye and hay fever sufferers.

The ‘help with migraines’ is something very close to my heart and means that I’ll most definitely be using this product again. Oh and I’ll also be trying them out in hotel rooms that only offer single-lined curtains and in-flight, especially when the person next to me insists on keeping their reading light on when everyone else is trying to get some shut-eye!

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a review sample. I am always honest in my opinions, regardless of whether or not I bought or was gifted a product or service.

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