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May Blogging Month & Income Report

by LaurettaCWright
May Blogging Month & Income Report

It's my May blogging month roundup and it's been a good one – I managed to publish (almost) three blog posts and I even enjoyed a mini cruise too!

I recently posted about my breast cancer diagnosis and I started my chemo this month. I’m planning to write about my experience so others can see the sort of thing that happens when you go into the chemo ward – as well as things like side effects and managing them.

I’ve also penned some thoughts on my favourite finds this month – from enjoying afternoon tea (I had forgotten how good it was!) to my newfound love of non-toxic cleaning products.

Here’s how else my May blogging month turned out…


Celebrity Cruises invited me to review its new ship, Edge, which launched in December. Billed as the most technologically advanced ship in the world, you can imagine how excited I was to experience it.

I could take along a guest and I chose to take my business partner with me – we had both been working so hard on the magazine, so it was lovely to take a few days out to just relax and explore. Have a read of the post here!

Guest Posts & Opportunities

I received an email from Credit Donkey asking if they could site a blog post I wrote on ‘Productivity Tips For Crazy Busy People That Actually Work’.

The article they linked it from was ‘5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity in Your Home Office’ – have a read if you fancy it.

Epic fails

As I mentioned earlier, two months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which knocked me for six. I spent the first two weeks wandering round like a zombie, not quite knowing what I was doing with myself.

After pulling myself together a bit, I started to feel more positive and optimistic. I’ve had an immense amount of support from my wonderful family and friends, who’ve rallied around to keep my spirits up and keep me positive, which is exactly what I need.

I suppose that I shouldn’t really look on my recent diagnosis as an epic fail, as I am confident that I’ll come out this the other side fighting strong. That’s the idea anyway. It’s a long treatment, which will probably take me into late November or early December, but come Christmas, I want to be raising that glass and celebrating.

And there's always something positive to come out of a negative – I decided to take control and get prepped for chemo by having my hair cut short.

As my hair was very long I decided that I should donate it to The Little Princesses Trust so that some little girl who has lost her hair has the chance to wear my real hair wig! I posted it on Facebook encouraging people to contribute to such a great cause – and I honestly couldn't believe it when I checked a few days later and had managed to raise over £600 for the charity. I was over the moon!


The other fab news was that my tweet about my blog post ‘How It Feels To Be Told You Have Breast Cancer' got retweeted 88 times! I get a boost to think that I might somehow help to educate, inform or offer some understanding to someone who has also been diagnosed – or a friend or family member of someone who has. Not only this, but it's also cathartic for me to share my views, experiences and advice.

May Blogging Month & Income Report

Vlogging in May

I have made a new video this month but I haven’t actually published it – don’t ask why as I don’t actually know – it’s fully edited and ready to upload, so all I’ve got to do is write the description.

A new video upload is now a priority for my June Blogging Month!

Blog learning

I’m a massive fan of Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted and I’ve been following her tips and tricks since I started blogging a few years ago.

Every now and then Donna produces a social media posting blog – and she’s just done one for June…have a read! I’d highly recommend checking out some of her other posts too.

She always seems to have her finger on the pulse when it comes to newly launched apps and systems that make our blogs and social media posting that little bit easier (and more interesting!)

Out & About in May

I’ve been hibernating most of the month! That’s not to say that I haven’t seen anyone…practically every day people have been popping over to bring me care packages, flowers or just a hug since my lumpectomy operation – and it’s been lovely.

But one of the things I’ve focused on doing since my prognosis is resting and healing – and trying not to feel guilty for relaxing a little more. It’s doing me a whole heap of good – and I've also enjoyed some mindfulness sessions as well.

Having said all this, I did manage to head into London to meet up with my lovely friend Susie who’s an Instagrammer. We went for lunch and enjoyed cake afterwards (why not?) and it was lovely to catch up with each other in person rather than over on the gram. 

Top of the pops

The very lovely Becky from Cuddle Fairy sent me a message to let me know that when she Googled Beldray Cleaning, I came up at the top of Google!

It was a review video that I made a couple of years ago about the Beldray Cordless Quick Vac Lite and it’s performed quite well on YouTube, but never in a million years would I have guessed I’d make it to the top spot on Google!

Becky sent me a really lovely message to say how she was really proud of me – I have no idea how I managed it, but it was a real feel-good moment!

May Income report

Apart from the income we saw from the local community magazine (£2,078) this month, my second biggest success story for my May blogging month was the Belstaff jacket that I sold on ebay.

Every now and then eBay launches a ‘sell for £1 maximum’ deal, meaning that whatever you sell – and for whatever the amount, eBay will only take £1 from you. With a few Belstaff items left to sell, I always try and make the most of the £1 opportunity – and this month it paid off.

Having bought the jacket for £150, I then sold it for £413, making a total profit of £251 (less the £1 eBay fee and delivery charge)!

May Blogging Month & Income Report

Other income streams in May:

I’m keen to boost my income every month by capitalising on opportunities that don’t take much effort at all. Here’s what worked for my May blogging month…

– JustPark £72.46 (I rent my driveway for parking and also use JustPark for when I’m visiting hospitals, town centres, stadiums, airports etc) here’s £10 to get you started!

– Top Cashback: £12.95 – this is how I earn FREE cash for shopping online! Check it out for yourself.

Total income: £1,375.41

May Blogging Month At A Glance

What was great? Experiencing Celebrity’s Edge was epic!
What wasn’t? Not managing to write as many blog posts as I wanted to – June will be different!
Goals for June: Upload at least one video.

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Kira 3rd June 2019 - 11:24 am

I have 3 black bags of clothes that need to go on eBay. You’ve definitely inspired me to get it done! 🙂

LaurettaCWright 3rd June 2019 - 9:20 pm

Ah that’s good to hear Kira – it took me a while to get going – and I’ve still got quite a few clothes that I’d like to sell, but once they’re gone – it feels great to get a bit more money under the belt!

Mellissa Williams 3rd June 2019 - 7:09 am

I’ve wanted to go on a cruise for a while, I bet that was a fab experience. Your jacket did well!

LaurettaCWright 3rd June 2019 - 9:22 pm

I think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and get one booked up for next year soon – it really was amazing. But be warned – you’re likely to put on weight as the food is so moreish! ha ha!

Laura Schwormstedt 3rd June 2019 - 1:03 am

Wow your jacket did so well!! I really need to ebay more. Also loving your new cut – I know you probably never wanted to go short but you look amazing and sending those kick-ass thoughts for your chemo. Also, your Celebrity Cruises trip looked amazing

Laura x

LaurettaCWright 3rd June 2019 - 9:23 pm

Thanks very much Laura – now that I’ve got used to my new short style it has started to fall out, so it was quite short lived anyway! Really pleased with how well the jacket did – I think it was a bit of a fluke though! And yes – I would wholeheartedly recommend a cruise if you’ve never done one before. Such an interesting experience!

fashionandstylepolice 2nd June 2019 - 9:50 pm

I am looking forward to reading your blog post about the cruise ship. I bet it was amazing.

LaurettaCWright 3rd June 2019 - 9:24 pm

It’s now up and running if you fancy a read!

michelle twin mum 1st June 2019 - 9:33 pm

Whata fab month, you definitey can not put yoru diagnosis down as an Epic fail, as it was totallyh out of yoru control and you are handling it with such a wonderful attitude. I can’t wait to read about your cruise, I bet it was fab. Mich x

LaurettaCWright 3rd June 2019 - 9:24 pm

Ah thanks Mich – you always say the right things to make me feel better! Cruise post now posted – woooohooooo! xxxx

Stephanie 1st June 2019 - 7:07 pm

Oh I am so glad you got to go on the cruise ship, what a lovely experience! Brilliant profit on the jacket!

LaurettaCWright 1st June 2019 - 8:05 pm

Thanks Stephanie – the cruise was definitely the highlight of my month! 🙂

Tracey Kifford 31st May 2019 - 4:13 pm

That’s not a bad month, considering everything … AND you got to walk around Celebrity Edge … I blog about cruise ships and I couldn’t get on the darn thing!

LaurettaCWright 31st May 2019 - 9:33 pm

I certainly have no complaints – I think the ship might have been a one-off though, but I’m hoping not! 🙂


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