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July Favourites and Things I’ve Tried

by LaurettaCWright
July favourites and things I've tried

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a few things this month and as a result found some great July favourites that are worth checking out… 

Amongst my July favourites and things I’ve tried are everything from a travel size perfume atomiser spray bottle to a mini staycation in Margate….

Clean queen

As most of you will know, I’m a fan of a good tidy up and clean. I’ve always believed in a ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ and been really good at organising things, but I think mine extends to ‘tidy house, tidy mind’. And when I’m anxious about something, I always find that I good clean makes me feel better. VIP certainly doesn’t complain!

When Milton asked if I’d like the chance to try its sterilising fluid, I jumped at the chance. I’m supposed to be extra vigilant at the moment when it comes to germs and catching anything, so I was more than willing to give this a go.

The sterilising fluid is easy to use – you simply dilute 6ml of sterilising fluid per litre of water and immerse the items that need sterilising for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

It can be used on those hard-to-clean water bottles the kids use, as well as things like lunch boxes, plastic tableware and cutlery for al fresco dining, re-useable travel mugs etc… You can also clean things like the paddling pool before you pack it away when autumn comes

A 500ml bottle costs £2.35 and you can pick one up in shops like Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc..

The other good news is that I’m running a new competition for August for your chance to win a bottle too. Check out my competition page to enter!

Trinny London

Facebook is a great social media network isn’t it? Bringing people together and saving memories to remind you about every now and then.

And it was Facebook that brought Laura to my house. Laura is a professional makeup artist and a friend spotted that she was offering free makeup tutorials to women with cancer. Given that I couldn’t get on to my ‘Look Better, Feel Better’ makeup course until August (by which time I will have lost all my hair through chemo), Laura had come at just the right time.

She spent a good couple of hours with me, explaining all about my skin type and what products would work best for my colouring. By the time we had finished, she made me feel a million dollars – and she wanted nothing in return. People like Laura deserve gold medals – giving back to society and expecting nothing in return. Laura and I became friends on Facebook and I definitely consider her a friend.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about Trinny London, which Laura introduced me to – and more spefically, “the stack”. So of course I took Laura’s advice (she swears by the products) and got myself a stack including the products that Laura recommended.

And they were…

  • BFF Cream with SPF 30
  • 2 eye colour stacks (in Justice and Magician)
  • 1 Flush Blush (in Katrin)
  • 2 empty stack pots so I can decant my own creams
  • 1 lip treat stack (in Anna)

July favourites and things I've triedSo what do I think of them – and would I consider them amongst my July favourites? Well, I’m a big fan of the stack as it’s easy to pick up the lot and go – no fussing. The only thing you need to think about adding are things like mascara, eyelash curlers, mascara wands, eyeliners etc, but otherwise for lips, eyeshadows and blusher, they’re great to have.

The BFF cream smells nice and goes on like a dream. It’s really light though, so it looks like you’re not wearing any makeup. This is ordinarily the sort of look I like, but it’s perhaps a bit too light for me as I have rosy red cheeks that could do with extra coverage.

All in all, Trinny London is pretty expensive for what you get. Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice makeup (and carry on using my stack), but for me personally I won’t buy the BFF cream again and I know there’s other brands out there I’d like to give a go. The fun is in the experimenting after all!

Creative Paris

I was recently sent a copy of Creative Paris and I loved it so much that it now takes pride of place on my lounge coffee table.

When the TV ads come on, I dip in and read about real life homes and apartments in Paris, featuring amazing photography.

The people behind the book, My Little Paris, have come up trumps in showcasing their amazing homes – and there’s more than 30 to get inspired by; from a relaxed apartment on the edge of the Canal Saint Martin, to an old carousel factory in Montmartre houses.

If you’re interested in treating yourself – or a fellow interiors fan – the hardback is available on Amazon for £25. This is definitely up there at the top of my July favourites list.

Made up in Margate

While I’m typing this, I’m currently enjoying a wonderful staycation in the lovely seaside town of Margate.

Margate is definitely on the up – there’s plenty to see, do and experience – and I’m not just talking about Dreamland of course! There’s the beach, art galleries, the town, the retro shops and little undiscovered pockets of areas outside of the main drag.

This morning for example, we took the kids on a bike ride along the promenade and discovered the lovely retro ‘Big Bus’ café, a crazy golf centre and another beach area, which was much quieter than the main beach. Walk a little and explore and there’s plenty to discover.

July favourites and things I've tried

In fact, being here has given me some inspiration for a new blog post about what to do whilst in Margate. Since being here (just for a few days), we’ve fitted so much in – two visits to Dreamland, playing on the beach, retro shopping, a bike ride along the promenade and town shopping.

I’d highly recommend a visit to Margate – even if it’s just for the day. It’s a lovely place to create some great family memories.

Highly scented

Speaking of packing up the bags and taking a break, I came across PortaScent recently – a travel size perfume atomiser spray bottle.

It’s refillable and offers pump-to-fill technology for spill free refilling in seconds. Made of sturdy aluminium shell, it’s available in plenty of different colours (I’ve got the hot pink one!), and offers up to 120 sprays capacity.

Best of all, it’s available for a very affordable £7.99 from Leakproof.

I'd love to know – what have you been enjoying lately?


Tracy Astwood 26th August 2019 - 10:01 pm

We’ve been wondering where to take the caravan next week and you have just made my mind up. It’s off to Margate we go 🙂

LaurettaCWright 27th August 2019 - 11:02 am

Wooohooo! That’s great news… you won’t be disappointed!

Charli Bruce 6th August 2019 - 12:49 pm

Laura sounds like such a wonderful human! I’ve never heard of Trinny London, so I shall definitely have a look out for them x

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:24 pm

Ah she’s lovely Charli – I was very lucky to come across her! Trinny London is worth a look – but I hope you’re feeling flush! 😉

Holly (Holly Made Life) 2nd August 2019 - 9:54 am

Ah, Laura sounds like a real gem. I’m so glad you had a lovely time with her and was left feeling a million dollars – as you should. Margate sounds lovely too! Love the idea of bike rides along the beach and exploring the area. July sounds like it was full of lots of happy memories, even during difficult times.

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:25 pm

Thanks Holly – that’s really kind. It’s important to take time out to reflect on things isn’t it? Almost makes me wish I was retired and I could just take little day trips here and there! I hope your July was as good as mine?!

Laura Schwormstedt 2nd August 2019 - 12:13 am

Oooh that creative Paris book sounds right up my street – I love things like that for the coffee table – off to find a copy

Laura x

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:53 pm

Thanks Laura – it sits proudly on my table too – and when the telly ads are on I have a little browse. x

Tracey Kifford 31st July 2019 - 11:51 pm

I’ve not been to Margate for years! I must plan a day out there soon

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:56 pm

You really should Tracey – plenty to see and do even after a few visits. I’m already looking forward to planning a return trip.

Kirsty 31st July 2019 - 6:29 pm

I don’t think I’ve been to Margate (although my mum would soon tell me if I’m wrong!) I love the sound of a bike ride along the promenade

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:58 pm

Any bike ride that involves a spot of fresh sea air has got to be good right? As long as the weather is favourable of course.

Melanie williams 31st July 2019 - 4:14 pm

Oh wow looks like you have been busy. Margate looks like a fab little place to visit for sure xx

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:39 pm

Margate has really come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. If you haven’t been recently it’s definitely worth a visit, especially The Old Town which has some lovely independent shops.

Kira 31st July 2019 - 10:38 am

I like the sound of Margate – we’ve never been but looks a nice little seaside getaway 🙂

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:42 pm

You really should get down there Kira – I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you did.

Elizabeth Williams 30th July 2019 - 10:19 pm

Sounds like a busy month and a great variety of favourite things. I’m a clean freak and love Milton, it’s fantastic and a brand I trust.

LaurettaCWright 31st July 2019 - 7:55 am

Yes definitely agree – you know you’re getting the real deal with trusted and reliable brands. From one ‘clean freak’ to another – thanks!

Valerie 30th July 2019 - 8:20 pm

I like Facebook for personal use. That Promenade looks like a nice place to walk with the view of the water, I bet it gets a nice little breeze sometimes too.

LaurettaCWright 31st July 2019 - 7:57 am

It’s nice to breathe in the cool sea breeze – and take a leisurely walk along the promenade. Not many people who visit Margate are what’s aware in the nearby vicinity, so it’s always a good idea to don your walking shoes and go out and explore. Thanks Valerie!

Sarah Bailey 30th July 2019 - 7:20 pm

It sounds like you have had a really busy month with so much going on. I would love to try PortaScent myself I do love having good scents around me.

LaurettaCWright 31st July 2019 - 7:58 am

Thanks Sarah – PortaScent allows you to carry your fave perfume around with you easily rather than taking big bottles, so it’s great for holidays and handbag usage. Really easy to fill up too.

Kizzy 30th July 2019 - 6:49 pm

Sounds like you had a great month. Glad you managed to get your makeover booked in sooner. Never been to Margate but it looks and sounds like a great place for a staycation.

LaurettaCWright 31st July 2019 - 7:59 am

Thanks Kizzy – you should definitely head to Margate if you get the opportunity, it’s lovely. Especially if you like retro clothes and interior shopping! 🙂

Kara 30th July 2019 - 4:03 pm

I have heard great things about Trinny make-up and do need something new, funds are not allowing at the moment

LaurettaCWright 31st July 2019 - 7:59 am

Yes, I know what you mean. It’s nice to own but boy was it expensive. I guess it’s the makeup for makeup artists at the moment!

Jon 30th July 2019 - 2:29 pm

Looks like it has been a busy month! Honestly can’t believe how many things you’ve tried! lol

LaurettaCWright 18th August 2019 - 5:41 pm

And there I was thinking that I hadn’t done much – ha ha! It feels like it was fairly quiet though but I guess I experienced quite a few things!


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