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9 innovative ways to display photographs at home

by LaurettaCWright
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Struggling for ideas when it comes to displaying your fondest memories? Want something a little different to the standard photo album? Check out these ideas for an alternative approach to showing off your loved ones and adventures…

Eccentric framing

Photo frames are the traditional way to display your photographs. But you needn’t stick to the standard picture frame on your mantelpiece or window ledge.

Go eccentric with your framing and bring your memories to life on the walls of your home. The frames needn’t match. Hang all sorts of antique style frames of all shapes, sizes and colours across a wall. It’ll make an excellent feature.

This is particularly effective when displayed up the stairs, as stairs are often neglected when it comes to interior design. The look is best on a completely plain wall, or the overall effect will be too busy (no fussy florals here!)

Photo shelves

Photo shelves are coming into fashion when it comes to interior design trends. These thin shelves will hold your photos in neat, symmetrical lines for everyone to admire – and if you're a minimalist fan, this is a popular look.


Clocks provide a whole host of photo display ideas. You can have custom clocks made where your image makes up the face of the clock. Or you could go DIY and make your own photo clock.

All you will need is a simple clock device and 12 framed photographs. Mount your clock hands on your wall. Then place your photos around it in twelve, even spaces, where the numbers 1-12 are usually located. Time will pass quickly as you reminisce your favourite times spent with loved ones. Sorry, couldn't resist that one 🙂

Displaying photos


This is a more discreet way of showing off your family, friends and travels. Coasters can be made with your favourite images on.

They will be stored away until someone comes for a drink. Then you can whip them out and they're sure to provide a great point for conversation over your cuppa.

Strings and pegs

This is a firm favourite of students, as it’s cheap and simple to do but still creates a pretty, chic effect.

Pin a string across your wall and peg your polaroid photos onto it. It’s as easy as that. No hassle, no fuss, no mess.

If you don’t want to mark your walls with pinholes (which is sometimes important for those who rent), you could consider running the string along your window ledge, a bookshelf or looping it across your bed frame. The possibilities are endless.

The lack of permanence of this technique means the strings can be moved easily from room to room. Pair with a string of fairy lights for a cute, alternative aesthetic.


Are you an avid traveller? Show off where you’ve been! Mount a map of the world on your wall. You can cut your photos out and stick them over the place you have visited.

Alternatively, you can merely stick them to the wall surrounding the map, using a string as a marker for where the photo was taken.


Photoboxes are a relatively new idea. They are what the name suggests. A box (usually wooden) which can contain your photos.

However, they are more organised than your standard memory box. Usually they have compartments or clear cases for your photographs. This will protect your pictures and keep them in place.


displaying photosIf you have a particularly lovely picture that you want to keep and showcase for years and years (here's one we made earlier!), then you can't got wrong with a canvas print. How did we get the kids to smile in this one? By throwing them up in the air!

They used to love being thrown and caught when they were young (and it was a great arm workout for me!). I love this picture as it's a natural shot and it's an ice-breaker when guests come to visit. We got the photographer to change the colours of their tops to match our lounge colours – fortunately I still like pea green!

Digital frames

Digital frames really bring your memories to life. Usually in the form of an electronic tablet, a digital photo frame will display a slideshow of your carefully selected, favourite photos.

You’ll never get bored as the image changes constantly throughout the day. The only thing you have to worry about is changing the batteries every now and then – or hiding the cable if it's plugged in!

What's your favourite way of displaying photos?


Zena's Suitcase 21st September 2016 - 9:59 am

I really like the idea of using coasters. I think funny family photos would work really well and give you a smile when you had a cup of tea

admin 21st September 2016 - 10:00 am

Thanks Zena – like the funny part!

Newcastle Family Life 16th September 2016 - 1:10 pm

I am really bad at never printing photos off, we have hardy any in the home other than two canvasses. I love all of these ideas x

admin 17th September 2016 - 11:03 pm

Thank you! ?

clairejustine 16th September 2016 - 8:41 am

Some great ideas here. We love these kind of ideas for Christmas present for the grandmas 🙂

admin 16th September 2016 - 8:42 am

Yes – grandparents love this sort of thing don’t they?

Lisa lambert 16th September 2016 - 6:04 am

We love having pictures around the house some great ideas here though instead of frames that boys love to get hold of and throw. Going to definatley have a look at some different options now x

admin 16th September 2016 - 6:08 am

Thanks Lisa – good luck!

Natalia Molinero 16th September 2016 - 5:44 am

These are great ideas. I end up sticking them in the wall lol not very creative, although I try to put them in nice positions hahah x

admin 16th September 2016 - 6:08 am

It’s usually a time thing for me – maybe ask for the digital photo frame for Xmas ?

Alina 15th September 2016 - 4:48 pm

Lovely ideas and so many unique ways to display photos. I think that canvases and digital frames are great innovations, making it super easy to show off those instagram pictures or even phone taken photographs of family and loved ones 🙂

Evelina 15th September 2016 - 3:06 pm

Great ideas! I love houses full of photos. My favourite one is the map with photos, definitely going to do it!

Kara Guppy 15th September 2016 - 1:35 pm

i love our digital frame purely because it displays a random mix of photo’s – don’t like the cable though

Rachel 15th September 2016 - 11:50 am

I do like the idea of having a photo wall, such a great idea and something I need to sort x

MELANIE EDJOURIAN 14th September 2016 - 8:58 pm

I want to try and get a canvas done this Christmas for my parents. They look great.

admin 14th September 2016 - 8:59 pm

That’s a nice idea – I’m sure they’ll appreciate that!

Cal at Family Makes 14th September 2016 - 5:38 pm

Oh I like the map idea – there’s something very visually pleasing about a map anyway I think, then putting favourite travel photos around the perimeter would be great. Thanks for the inspiration!

admin 14th September 2016 - 8:59 pm

You’re very welcome! ?

Ayesha Farhad 14th September 2016 - 12:54 pm

I love displaying photos all over the house! I feel no house is really complete with atlas a picture wall in the house! Ive got frames, peg strings, canvases and those big chunky peg holders all around the house to display pictures/art!


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