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5 easy ways to make your home look like a glossy magazine feature

by LaurettaCWright
Make Your Home Look Like A Glossy Magazine Feature In 5 Easy Steps

Anyone who really knows me is aware that I have a secret stash of interior magazines in my bedroom that date back years. In fact, the collection has become so big, that it's not so much a secret stash anymore, but a huge pile of mags that wouldn't look out of place in a hoarder's house.

Occasionally, I'll dip into these glossy mags to see if they can offer ideas and inspiration for my next decorating or upcycling project. I know many people hanker after having a home that looks like a show home, so here's five easy steps you can take to get your house photo-ready…

1. Consider Colours Carefully

Just like in the fashion industry, colour trends come and go in the interior world. If you’re thinking of changing things up at home, do some research on the hottest new looks. There are some styles, such as monochrome, which never go away. But occasionally, you’ll also get a shade stealing the limelight.

This year, yellow and grey are big news for living rooms and bedrooms. Look out for luxe metallics as we edge towards winter. Often, colour pops are the way forward. Stick to accessories for bolder shades. If you’re going with yellow and grey, for example, go for a light grey on the walls. Add your contrasting colour with soft furnishings, vases and lampshades.

2. Learn To Accessorise

When you look through Instagram pages or magazines, you’ll notice that every room boasts an array of accessories. No matter the style or theme, you’ll find little additions that make all the difference.

From vases of flowers in the kitchen to patterned rugs in the hallway. The accents you use make your home more visually appealing, and create a unique look.

3. Steer clear of perfection

If you’re having a new kitchen fitted, of course, you want everything done properly. You want your worktops to fit perfectly, and your metal drawer runners in good working order.

Once you’ve got the fitting stage over though, it’s time to stop aiming for perfection. The lived-in look is much more homely, and it’s a lot more fashionable.

Make your house into a home. Create cosy spaces, and don’t worry if your frames aren’t lined up or your cushions are wonky. These imperfections are what makes your home different to a show home and personal to you.

4. Mix And Match

Rustic themed living room

In any one room, you can combine a number of different trends to create a really stylish space. You don’t have to tick off a look in each room. Mixing and matching is a lot more fun than sticking to a single blueprint.

You may love modern kitchens, but want a cosy, country feel in the living room. You might be a fan of contemporary art but love vintage furniture. If you’re open-minded, you can experiment with themes and styles to produce something a little bit different.

5. Create A Focal Point In Each Room

When you walk into the room, what’s the first thing you notice? If you’re an avid reader of interior guides, you may have noticed that every room has a focal point. It could be a print in the kitchen or a wood burner in the lounge. You may choose an eye-catching chair in your home office or a statement headboard in the bedroom.

Do you dream of creating a home that looks like something off Instagram? Are you desperate to wow guests and design a unique, beautiful home? If so, follow these steps, and don’t be afraid to stamp your personality on the project.


Lynda Graham 5th June 2018 - 8:04 pm

We have similar styles and traits. I can decide what I like in magazines too – then I take an age to pull it together. !!! : )

LaurettaCWright 11th June 2018 - 6:36 am

It does take time and money doesn’t it – worth the effort though!

Betty Powell 28th September 2016 - 1:48 am

Nice post! I would love to see that stash of magazines. 🙂

admin 28th September 2016 - 5:50 am

Ha ha! I’d happily take a pic and send it to you ?


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