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The ‘Wright’ gift for a 10 year anniversary

by LaurettaCWright
The 10 year anniversary gift

So it was mine and VIP's 10th wedding anniversary recently! As luck would have it, on the same date as our special day I was invited on a VIP sailing of Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas – and I could bring a friend!  

How romantic to be sharing our special day on the world's biggest ship – I couldn't refuse. 

But I had to make our anniversary special in my own little way and, as the traditional present for a 10th anniversary is tin, I thought it only apt to put together a ‘love tin' fit for my VIP.

So I picked one up and filled it with lots of nice things that relate to Mr Wright – and for a 10th anniversary, it didn't cost the earth…

So as a thrifty anniversary present here's what we have….

The tin itself! I popped into TKMaxx and picked up this tin – it was the only one they had that seemed appropriate but it had a dent in it.

10 year anniversary gift I asked to get a discount but they said no 🙁 I couldn't find another one that had the words ‘treasures and memories' on it, so I bought it anyway. Price: £3.99

– Also from TKMaxx I picked up another small tin with the words ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart'. The tin actually contains ‘thank you' cards which I won't include – but this tin will house a cute personal gift – details of which are next… Price: £3.00

– A small picture frame to house a cute picture of the two of us. Altogether now… ‘Ahhhh…' Price: £3.99 (reduced from £25!) from TKMaxx

10 year anniversary gift

10 year anniversary gift


– A peanut butter flavour hot drink sachet from Sainsburys. Mr Wright loves peanut butter so I thought he'd like this. Price: 35p

A packet of tissues – a bit random I know but he's always blowing his nose which I tease him about – and he's always asking me for tissues. Also, I have a huge surprise for him and he might need the tissues if he gets emotional (hardly likely but it would be nice to witness!)

Also purchased was a packet of love heart sweets – I love sweets and I'm hoping Mr Wright will share them with me! I also picked from and a pen from Hema because Mr Wright is a teacher and a frequent user of red-nibbed pens.

With this pen he has red, blue, green and black – all in one! Prices: 0p for the tissues (I found them at home), 25p for the love hearts and £1 for the ballpoint pen from Wilko.

10 year anniversary gift – Gaviscon tablets – a bit of a joke present but might come in use on the ship when we can scoff all day and night for two days…Price: £2.50 from Wilko

– Two packets of seeds. Mr Wright is a huge fan of our garden and is currently trying to transform it into something more aesthetically pleasing. I thought he'd appreciate these seeds. Price: 2 for £1 from Tiger

– A sticky memo pad ‘mini book'. I bought this because it was cute and again10 year anniversary giftbecause I know he uses sticky tabs a lot as a teacher. Price: £1 from Tiger.

– a Ladybird book ‘the husband' as I thought he should be reminded of his marital duties! Price: £6.99 from Mankind

– A pack of sunflower seeds in a cute little planter container. Again, going with the garden theme but I quite liked the miniature pot myself! Price: £2 from Hema

– Green tea lemon because he has recently started experimenting with sampling 10 year anniversary giftdifferent herbal teas and I think he'd like this one. Price: £1 from Hema.

– Lip balm. Unlike me Mr Wright has got lovely full lips but they often get dry – especially as he does a lot of work (as you now know) in the garden. He's always asking me for my lip balm so now he has his own. Price: £1 from Hema.

– A romantic chocolate heart with a personalised message. Okay, so I'm not going 10 year anniversary giftto get this in the tin but I can give it to him separately and pretend that's the only thing I got him! Price: £8 for one but I bought another one for my son's birthday in a week and you can get 2 for £10, reducing the price to £5 – from Thorntons.

Last but certainly not least…. I will be giving Mr Wright his special tin on the cruise – probably in our stateroom before we head to dinner. But there's one huge, special gift in there for him which he'll find at the bottom.

On a sheet of paper I will have 4 pictures which spell out a word. Can you guess what it spells? spoiler alert: answer below!!

10 year anniversary gift

A picture of a compass pointing south, a picture of the back of a ship, a picture of Rick Ashley and the letter ‘A'.

Answer: South Africa.

That's right – at the bottom of the time will be tickets to an all-inclusive 10 night holiday to South Africa for Mr Wright, me and the kids this summer. All paid for courtesy of my MasterCard credit card, although I have to say, I got a great deal.

We'll be going on safari, visiting a rural town, hanging out in Durban and enjoying the sights of KwaZulu-Natal!

10 year anniversary gift

So, what happened?…

His reaction: I'm now back from the trip (it was A-MAZE-ING) and I ended up presenting Mr Wright with the tin before we set off, as he decided to present me with a tin as well – with some special words and the date we got married. 10 year anniversary gift

However, I waited until our first night before getting him to open his special envelope with news of the holiday…

I tried to make him guess what was spelt out in pictures..but he kept saying ‘north' and ‘compass'.

I had to give him some pointers – asking him which way the compass was pointing and what the back of a ship was called. And then he twigged, asking if we were going to South Africa.

He was surprised and I think a bit shocked. And then he told me for ‘aft' I should have used a picture of Ben Affleck – men!!

Find out how the big holiday went!

So what did you think about my special tin box and my big surprise? It would be great to hear how others have come up with different ways of surprising family & friends…


Happy Mummy 9th August 2016 - 12:45 pm

I hope I remember this when we get to 10 years I think it’s fab – the gaviscon really made me laugh ?

We are on two but are the same as you doing it traditionally every year! #MagicMoments x

admin 9th August 2016 - 1:18 pm

Thanks for that – practical measures with the Gaviscon – you certainly need it in a cruise!

Caroline 9th August 2016 - 9:55 am

This is such an amazing surprise. We have our 8 year anniversary this month. Hope you have a wonderful time in South Africa. x

admin 9th August 2016 - 11:51 am

Thanks so much Caroline – and happy 8-year anniversary! ?

Carol Cliffe 23rd June 2016 - 10:42 pm

Aww that’s absolutely gorgeous! Happy belated anniversary, and have an amazing holiday! I’m coming to you for present inspiration next time!

Tania O'Donnell 23rd June 2016 - 10:17 am

What a lovely surprise for him! You really know how to do anniversaries. 🙂

admin 23rd June 2016 - 10:21 am

Thanks Tania – gotta try eh?! X


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