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The Ribena carton that cost £55

by LaurettaCWright

I can't believe that a Ribena carton has cost me £55. Well, £55.59 to be exact. So my ten year old had a trial with his new drum teacher at the weekend. As I dropped him off, he told me that he was ‘really thirsty’.

We had set of from home less than 10 minutes earlier so I was a bit annoyed he hadn’t got himself a drink before we left. Perhaps it was all that nervous energy making him crave liquid.

Anyway, I promised him I’d have a drink waiting for him after his half hour lesson. In order to get this drink I have to drive to the high street and, by the time I arrive, I’ve got just 10 minutes to spare before the end of his lesson.

With no parking bays in sight I clock a space that reads ‘no parking’ but didn’t specify why i.e private property, someone’s dedicated space etc so I nab it and leg it across the road to the convenience store.

Why is it when you’re in a rush there’s always someone holding

Either someone will be driving at 15mph when you're trying desperately to get somewhere in a hurry or, in my case this time, all I wanted to do was buy a drink for 59p yet had to wait for the guy in front to fumble with his small change and count it out in slow motion.

Anyway, by the time I opened the shop door to rush back over the road there was the traffic warden slapping the ticket on the windscreen.

Gutted wasn’t the word.

Has anything backfired on you recently?

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