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The Nation’s Favourite Fictional Home Revealed

by LaurettaCWright
The Nation’s Favourite Fictional Home Revealed

Have you ever watched a TV drama or film and admired the house/apartment of one of the characters? Possibly wishing that you could live there or replicate it in your own home?

Maybe it's Castle's New York apartment you drool over or one of the Desperate Housewives' mansions on Wisteria Lane…?

A new study of 2,000 adults by Yale reveals that the Doctor Who TARDIS is the nation’s favourite television ‘home’ – despite its unusual external appearance and no real floorplan.

The quirky features, the fact it has been ‘extended by the previous owner’ and the diversity of the layout also appeal to homeowners.

Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle – a large country house set on 5,000 acres of land – takes second place as TV’s most desirable living quarters. And third place goes to the white mansion Southfork Ranch, surrounded by swimming pools and barns, which featured in the 80s drama Dallas.

Completing the top ten are Rachel and Monica’s apartment in Friends, Chatsworth House in Pride & Prejudice, Carrie Bradshaw’s chic New York apartment on the Upper East Side in Sex and the City, Del Boy’s Peckham flat in Only Fools and Horses, 221B Baker Street, London – home to famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, Frasier Crane’s apartment from comedy Frasier and Tom and Barbara’s simple home in The Good Life.

In reality, British adults claim their home most resembles Victor Meldrew’s house from classic sitcom One Foot in the Grave.

But when it comes to the TV homes our own actually resemble, Ken Barlow’s house in Coronation Street is more like it.

Researchers found 15% of adults have been inspired by TV programmes when decorating their house and almost one in ten have ambitions to model aspects of their homes on a property from a particular TV show.

A fifth of Brits are such fans of popular TV shows they have been to visit homes which feature in those programmes.

The study also highlights the influence television has when it comes to home security, with a quarter of those polled saying a particular show or film has made them think they need to improve the security of where they live.

Shows like Crimewatch, Panic Room and Scream have all heightened awareness about home security – and as such 57% have thought about getting CCTV, while 55% want to invest in better locks.


  1. The TARDIS (Doctor Who)
  2. Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey)
  3. Southfork Ranch (Dallas)
  4. Rachel and Monica’s apartment (Friends)
  5. Chatsworth House (Pride & Prejudice)
  6. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment (Sex in the City)
  7. Del Boy’s flat (Only Fools and Horses)
  8. 221B Baker Street (Sherlock)
  9. Frasier’s penthouse (Frasier)
  10. The Good’s home (The Good Life)
  11. Tracey Island (Thunderbirds)
  12. The Banks family mansion (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
  13. Mrs Brown’s home (Mrs Brown’s Boys)
  14. Father Ted’s home on Craggy Island (Father Ted)
  15. Red Dwarf (Red Dwarf)
  16. The Addams family mansion (The Addams Family)
  17. Flintstone House (The Flintstones)
  18. Winterfell Castle (Game of Thrones)
  19. The Royles’ home (The Royle Family)
  20. Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons)


Cathy Glynn 28th November 2016 - 7:44 am

I always watched the Good Life with my mum when I was younger and loved the homegrown veggies. I would never have thought of living in any of them though. Interesting thoughts x

admin 29th November 2016 - 10:52 pm

Thanks Cathy!

karen 28th November 2016 - 12:09 am

I loved reading this post because I’m one of them people who like looking at house/apartment tours on YouTube

Kerry Norris 27th November 2016 - 8:13 pm

The downtown abbey house is very high up on my list of places I’d like to live

Kara 27th November 2016 - 4:27 pm

I have to say the Tardis would be my ideal home – just imagine those views!

Zena's Suitcase 26th November 2016 - 9:53 pm

What a fun list. I would have to add Sheldon’s apartment from Big Bang Theory. I like the geek thing I guess
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clairejustine 26th November 2016 - 6:42 pm

Love that house, would love to take a tour inside 🙂

Rachel 26th November 2016 - 5:18 pm

Well the Tardis is a very odd choice, but there you go. Friends of mine got married at highclere Castle and it is just stunning x

Fashion and Style Police 26th November 2016 - 12:24 pm

I loved the Banks family mansion and the Cosby Show house too.

Anonymous 25th November 2016 - 9:35 pm

I’ve never watched Dr Who so that one isn’t on my radar, but I love the one in Downton Abbey!

Pinkoddy 25th November 2016 - 6:59 pm

I have never really thought about people’s homes on the tv having an influence on the way I have mine but guess it does subconsciously
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admin 26th November 2016 - 8:45 am

I think you’re right – Most of us probably don’t realise we’re influenced by lots of things subconsciously

Dean of Little Steps 25th November 2016 - 3:48 pm

I’ve been wanting to visit Highclere castle ever since I started watching Downton Abbey. Hopefully I’ll manage to visit soon 🙂

SewTales 23rd November 2016 - 6:49 am

I love Frasier’s penthouse!!!!

Cal at Family Makes 22nd November 2016 - 11:49 pm

This is a great list, although there are massive variations! I’d much rather have Downton Abbey than Del Boy’s flat!!


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