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The ‘It Game’ mishap

by LaurettaCWright
The 'It Game'

So it’s Sunday and I’ve been working on my MacBook for most of the morning, in between tending to the never-ending washing pile and a visit to the supermarket for the weekly food shop.

I’ve had a good day kid-wise, which essentially means that there has been fewer that two arguments and only one drama that ended in tears.

My eldest (10yo) has spent most of the day switching between playing on his iPad and the PlayStation, so there comes a point when we just have to drag him off it. Too much screen time for his young eyes and all that…

The trouble with Luis is that he gets bored very quickly. What is it with kids and thinking of things to do? They don’t seem to have much imagination these days….

It game 3But as parents, we entertain them the best we can. Usually this means weekly episodes of Charades or Hide n’ Seek. Today, the game ‘It’ was suggested. I was actually quite excited at the prospect of playing ‘It’. I fondly remember playing the game with friends in the playground and recalling what it is like to be chased until I was ‘It’ and had to do the chasing. It was thrilling, explosive and absolutely hilarious.

So today we played ‘It’. And all those memories of playing the game 30 years ago resurfaced – I have never laughed so much and the tears rolled freely down my face. It was very liberating and we were all having a great time.

This wonderful game was suddenly interrupted by something not so wonderful. The trouble was, I hadn’t envisaged the impact that playing such a high-energy game would have on my body. It wasn’t so much the fact that there was plenty of running up and down the stairs; the shocking experience I encountered arose from trying to escape from the clutches of my kids as they ran behind me screeching, with me laughing uncontrollably.

It game 2And it was this laughing so hard that, without any warning whatsoever, my bladder gave way a little…and as it did so (and because of the sheer disbelief that this had just happened), I laughed even more. And then the problem suddenly became much worse. I then realised that I was caught in a scenario that I just couldn’t undo, and that if I didn't deal with it, it was likely that I'd be getting out the mop and bucket, heaven forbid. The only option I had was to get myself to the toilet – and pronto.

This was something that I’ve never encountered before, although I've been aware that since giving birth, my bladder just isn’t what it used to be. But now it looks like the problem has suddenly intensified.

So, I guess like most things in life that occur naturally – from my ridiculously bad memory to passing wind, it’s another thing that I’m just going to have to blame on the kids….they'll forgive me one day, I'm sure.

Feel free to share your embarrassing moments…hey, I just put myself out here! 😉

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