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Bargain Home Buy – proud to go pound

by LaurettaCWright
Proud to go pound

I’ve got a thing for birdhouses – you might have noticed if you’ve been watching my weekly vlogs

Whether I’m shopping at TK Maxx, The Range or even Tesco, if there’s anything like a birdhouse to be purchased it’s probably fair to say that I’ve already clocked it.

So I was thrilled to discover these cute little birdhouses at Poundland – yes, that’s right – they were just a £1 each, so I nabbed three of them. Well, they do say items look better in groups.

The secret to the birdhouses’ ‘shelf life’ is to varnish them – this will go a long way to protecting them from the elements. Same deal with bunting, which I purchased recently.

I’ve got both spray varnish and clear paint varnish, so I’ll probably opt for the paint varnish as it gives a thicker coating.

Here’s a few other birdhouse bargains I’ve picked up recently…

Proud to go pound

Both of the above birdhouse and insect house are from Homesense (sister company of TK Maxx) and cost just £4.99.

The insect houses (below) were a little more expensive at £7.99 and £12.99 and came from TKMaxx.

Proud to go pound insect house 2_opt













Possibly my favourite is this birdhouse made from birch wood, also from TKMaxx and cost £12.99.

Proud to go pound

Rather than dot the birdhouses and insect houses around the garden, I decided to make a bit of a display with them to form a backdrop to the mini ‘Woodland Garden' patch that VIP has started to work on.

Proud to go pound

The rest of my birdhouses will just have to be dotted around the garden – less is more as they say!


If you do decide to do something similar - don't forget to varnish your birdhouses first - it will mean they last much longer. 

Before hanging them - put them in the order that you want first and lay them out on your grass/garden. Play around with the arrangement - sometimes groups of similar items look better staggered or grouped together in different shapes.

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