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August Favourites And Things I’ve Tried

by LaurettaCWright
August Favourites and things I've tried

I’ve got some fabulous August Favourite Finds to showcase as I’ve made a real effort to remember them for this post.

August has been busy in general though – not least because the kids have been off school, but we’ve also been away a few times – mostly on day trips but we’ve had a couple of breaks in places like Margate and Dorset.

Plus I was also admitted to hospital this month with an infection – it’s certainly been an unpredictable month!

Here’s some of my favourites finds and things I’ve tried this month….

Mini staycations

We went to Margate a couple of times this month and it was great fun. Dreamland has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and I’d definitely recommend a visit.

As we stayed a few days down there we also explored a few of the local attractions. I’m aiming to get around to writing up what to see and do – but my recommendations include a walk (or bike ride) along the sea front, a visit to the Turner Contemporary Gallery and a look around the Shell Grotto.

Truth be told, I could have stayed in Margate for longer (it was nice to escape!) and I think we would have found something different to do every day. If you’re planning on a day out or a couple of days away, consider a trip to Margate – you won’t be disappointed!

I also enjoyed a visit to Dorset, staying at the beautiful five-star Summer Lodge in Evershot. While we were there, VIP and I made the most of the stunning scenery by taking in the Jurassic coastline – places like Durdle Door (pictured), as well as Poole, Winchester and Bournemouth. All of that in just 24 hours too – talk about a whistle-stop tour!

It’s a beautiful part of the country and one that I’d very happily return to if the situation arose. Winchester reminded me a little of Canterbury, while Poole’s harbour was very picturesque. And Bournemouth, being a big city, was great for restaurants and nightlife. My favourite was definitely the sleepy village of Evershot though – it seemed time stood still there and was just what the doctor ordered!

August Favourites and things I've tried

Durdle Door

Gadget fun

So for my birthday last month my business partner Nicky got me some wonderful presents.

Among them was kitchen gadget that I’ve actually had my eye on for the past year! It’s a pancake maker! And, as we make pancakes for the kids most weekends, it’s great as it helps make them in less than two minutes.

There’s no recipe, no miser, no whisk, no measuring cups and no bowl! All you do is add the ingredients to the container following the measurements on the side of the glass. Shake it and pour it directly into the frying pan. Bob’s your uncle!

It also makes great waffles too and you can just store it in the fridge. It can make up to 10 pancakes and 8 waffles.

I found the same one on Amazon for £17.85 – definitely worth buying if you regularly enjoy pancakes, waffles – or even making your own Yorkshire puddings!

First impressions count

We’ve recently updated our front door (I managed to bag a ‘smart’ composite front door – ex display for just £200 – worth over £1,200!) and I’m loving it, so it’s definitely one of my favourite finds for August.

Our old wooden front door was nice, but with my weak wrists I was struggling to open it as it was stiff. My daughter, Nadja, couldn’t open it at all and I said to VIP that we’d have to sort it out before she goes to secondary school so that she can let herself in if we’re not home.

It was a great find and lets in loads more light into the hallway. But I think I’d like to paint the door grey as I prefer it over black…it’ll be another project worth getting my teeth into – and as they say, first impressions count!

Notice I also gave the porch a bit of a spruce up by repainting it white. Okay, it was VIP who painted it, but you know what I mean…!

August favourites and things I've tried

Rock art!

Over the summer Nadja was introduced to rock art and rock art pens – and she got me curious too. It was lovely to be able to sit down with her and try my hand at drawing.

As per my friend Kerry’s suggestion, I need to introduce some Dragonflies into my life (they symbolise wisdom, change, transformation, light and adaptability in life), so I decided to give it a go in painting one – and here’s the finished result – what do you think?

Given that I’m the laughing joke of the family when it comes to drawing (no one wants to be on my team when we’re playing Pictionary!), I didn’t do too badly did I? And yes, I did cheat by copying this from the web. Needs must!

I’ve now got my eye on some decoupage for rock art, so I’ve started collecting some nice napkins to make it happen. The rock art pens we used were these – a great price for something that lasts ages!

August favourites and things I've tried

Basket of goodies

When I met up with Kerry last month she brought a few goodies for me to try including an Eco Egg laundry ball. I loved the idea of this when Kerry featured it on her Instagram stories, so I was chuffed to get my own.

And I have to say I’m really impressed. Knowing that I’m doing my bit to help the planet is great – there’s no harsh chemicals in my laundry now and when it comes out it actually smells really nice. Here’s what it is if you fancy your own eco egg.

Another goodie she gave me was a magic mitt for removing my make up. Again, there’s no harsh chemicals – you just add water, which I think is great and it works! Other goodies included a shower oil bar from LUSH, which I use on my head and body, plus a healing crystal which now takes pride of place by my bed. It has been great to get product ideas from other Instagrammers – there’s nothing like personal recommendation is there? Thanks Kerry for introducing me to some wonderful products!

August favourites and things I've tried

Liquorice love

Speaking of personal recommendations, I came across the most divine liquorice I’ve ever tasted recently. I’m a huge huge fan of liquorice – the red kind and Batch 37 really hit the spot for me after I bought it in Sainsbury’s.

However, when I went back to pick up more, it looked like it had been discontinued. I then looked in Tesco, Lidl and Waitrose, but couldn’t find it. Then, when I popped over to ASDA last week, I found it! It costs £1.50 a bag and I was really happy to rediscover it.

I was telling VIP about it and the next thing I knew, 8 bags arrived in the post for me – he’d gone and found it on Amazon and thought I’d like a secret stash to enjoy. So thoughtful. This is the one if you fancy a taste – but be warned…it’s very moreish!

That just about wraps up my Favourite Finds and Things I’ve tried for August. I’m looking forward to getting back into a more structured routine come September when the kids are back at school – and hopefully have the opportunity to discover new products and experiences. Do keep your suggestions coming!

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Kara 5th September 2019 - 3:50 pm

I do love staycations and have been busy exploring my local area this summer too. I love your painted rock!

LaurettaCWright 10th September 2019 - 11:28 pm

Thanks so much Kara – I’m not the best artist in the world but I’ve really enjoyed giving the rock art a go 🙂

Anosa 31st August 2019 - 4:38 pm

I have to say your August sounds lovely plus that door is gorgeous and who doesn’t like a mini-vacation to Dorset.

LaurettaCWright 2nd September 2019 - 12:37 pm

I was very lucky with the door Anosa – it was a case of spot the opportunity and capitalise on it before it got away! And yes – now that Dorset is on my radar, I’m sure we’ll be making a few return visits!

Neha 31st August 2019 - 7:13 am

I love that door Lauretta. Dorset looks so pretty and Margate starvations must be great. I do need to try the eco egg. Have heard all good things about it.

LaurettaCWright 31st August 2019 - 8:06 am

Thanks Neha – glad to have been able to provide an insight into new ideas and products! I hope I’ve inspired you! 😉 x

Laura - Dear Bear and Beany 30th August 2019 - 8:26 pm

I love your new door and what a bargain! That’s a brilliant find.

LaurettaCWright 30th August 2019 - 8:57 pm

Thanks Laura – I’m particularly proud of my bargain find!

Alex Grace 29th August 2019 - 2:15 pm

As always, fab finds Lauretta! Your new front door looks great. I’ve recently become aware of crystals, but have never tried them for myself, will look into it and maybe give them a go now. Looking forward to finding out what you discover in September x

LaurettaCWright 30th August 2019 - 9:01 pm

Thanks Alex – I’m particularly proud of my finds this month – especially the bargain door. Just goes to show what you can find if you search hard enough! I’ve enjoyed getting some great ideas and inspiration from bloggers too though – we all help one another don’t we? x

kerry 29th August 2019 - 1:00 pm

Oh Lauretta you have had some great finds this month! I am so pleased you love the eco egg, I love mine too! Your dragonfly is gorgeous! It it such a beautiful symbol and so relevant to what you are going through, you did a fabulous job. I really loved reading about your staycations in that beautiful lodge. It looked gorgeous and I think it os good for you and the hubby to get some time away together. Much love to you as ever xxx

LaurettaCWright 30th August 2019 - 9:19 pm

Thanks Kerry – and thank you for the introduction to some great new products this month! Thought you’d like the dragonfly – although I’m sure Nadja would have done a much better job than I did! We’ve enjoyed a few getaways this month which has been wonderful. I’d just like to keep up the momentum now….that’s the next challenge! xx


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