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Thinking of a staycation? Here’s what you’ll be paying…

13th November 2016
Thinking of a staycation? Here’s what you’ll be paying…

The pound is weaker than it’s been in years, people are seeking an affordable pre-Christmas getaway and Brexit is provoking major thoughts of economic uncertainty – all leading towards the rise of the ‘staycation’.

As a result, online discount site MyVoucherCodes.co.uk has launched the Full English Index to help consumers decide which of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations provides the most value for money.

In a comprehensive survey of 3*-5* hotels, the company has found the average price for a hotel room (double), a Full English Breakfast, a pint of beer and a glass of house red in each of the ten most popular British tourist destinations in the last few months.

London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Oxford, Bristol, Brighton and Hove and Cambridge were all surveyed and provided some surprising insights….

Hotel Prices

When it comes to hotel prices, the capital of Scotland will cost you more than the capital of England – but both are priced out by accommodation in Oxford.

The trip to the home of one of the country’s finest Universities, will set you back an average of £216.14 a night. Edinburgh is marginally cheaper at an average of £214.95 and, for once, London is cheaper still at £191.51 a night.

When visiting British shores, it seems the second cities are the places to set up base camp.

Birmingham offers the cheapest average stay at £93.10, Brighton and Hove is second cheapest at £114.13 and Scotland’s second city Glasgow is the third cheapest at £121.00 – nearly £100 cheaper than the Scottish capital and only an hour away, offering a much more affordable, yet central stay in Scotland.

Most Expensive
1. Oxford
2. Edinburgh
3. London

Least Expensive
1. Birmingham
2. Brighton
3. Glasgow

Full English

When it comes to food and drink, London’s reputation as one of the priciest cities in Europe comes to the fore.

A Full English in the capital of England is the most expensive in the country and will set you back an average of £15.82.staycation? Here’s what you’ll be paying…

The home of The Beatles and Albert Docks, Liverpool, bucks the ‘everything is cheaper up North’ cliché by coming in second with an average price of £13.81.

Finally, Oxford again features in the top three most expensive category with a price of £13.21.

You might need some elasticated trousers after your stay in the West Country, with Bristol offering the cheapest Full English in Britain at £10.44.

Glasgow finds itself in the cheapest top three again with a full brekkie costing you £11.26, as is Birmingham on £11.36.

Most Expensive
1. London
2. Liverpool
3. Oxford

Least Expensive
1. Bristol
2. Glasgow
3. Birmingham

Pint of Beer

A boozy weekend in London is going to hit you in the pocket as much as it will on a Monday morning, with an average pint price of £4.73.staycation? Here’s what you’ll be paying…

The second city is true to its name as Birmingham comes up as the next most
expensive city at £4.45 a pint and Brighton third at £4.29 a pint.

Liverpool makes up for having a pricey brekkie with the cheapest booze offering at £3.93 a pint and Oxford is the only other destination with a sub-£4 pint, with an average of £3.96. Bristol, famous for its fine range of ciders, comes in third cheapest at £4.06 a pint.

Most Expensive
1. London
2. Birmingham
3. Brighton

Least Expensive
1. Liverpool
2. Oxford
3. Bristol

Glass of Wine

There’s a case for sticking to tap water if you are being cost-conscious in London as a glass of red will set you back a staggering £6.10 for a 175ml glass.

Despite being nearly a full pound cheaper, Oxford is still the second most expensive destination for wine quaffing at £5.33 and the University pattern continues with Cambridge third most expensive at £5.24 a glass.

Liverpool cements its position as the best destination for cheap booze by being the cheapest for wine as well as booze. A 175ml glass of red will cost you £4.64 on the Mersey, £4.81 in Brighton and £4.96 in Manchester.

Most Expensive
1. London
2. Oxford
3. Cambridge

Least Expensive
1. Liverpool
2. Brighton
3. Manchester

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Fashion and Style Police 14th November 2016 at 8:36 am

Wow this is so informative. Thanks for sharing this post. I now know where next to book a mini vacation.

Kerry Norris 13th November 2016 at 10:50 pm

I found this an interesting read. I’m off to Manchester in January so I’m pleased to see that it has the least expensive wine lol x

Danielle 13th November 2016 at 7:28 pm

This was so interesting to read, I stay in Edinburgh and I’m not shocked at it being up there with expensive getaways xx


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