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About Me

I’m Lauretta, a travel journalist by day and a blogger (and vlogger) by night – sometimes even until the wee hours.

I’m mum to two tweens – Nadja (10) and Luis (12) and the wife of an overworked school teacher, who I refer to as VIP – because he is.
I have two passions in life – interiors and travel – hence the name Home and Horizon! 
I love all things interiors, but especially High Street accessories that follow decor trends. In fact, you’ll often find me sharing my latest purchase or bargain spots on social media.
On the travel side of things, I work in the industry as a journalist, so I get hear firsthand about…
  • Amazing deals & savings
  • New attractions & developments
  • Industry trends
  • Insider tips, tricks & advice
  • The latest product launches
All of which I share with you – usually in the ‘10 New Things‘ section which is updated every week, so check back every Friday for updates! 
I also vlog at https://www.youtube.com/homeandhorizon – so do pop by to check out my videos which include a weekly scoop, shopping hauls and reviews and events I’ve been to, amongst others!

Work with me

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great companies – both interior and travel related – and I’m always open to collaborations with brands that tie in with my thrifty interiors and affordable travel theme.
This year I’d love to work on some brand ambassador opportunities, so if you think I’d fit the bill, don’t be shy to say ‘hi’ – you can email me at lauretta@homeandhorizon.com 
I hope you enjoy browsing the blog – and feel free to connect with me on any of my social media platforms – I like to chat!
Twitter: LaurettaCWright
And here I am on 
Instagram and Pinterest


  1. I’m half-Turkish (half-English). My middle name is ‘Canan’ meaning ‘Sweetheart’. My kids would disagree.
  2. My son was born with bilateral talipes (otherwise known as Clubfoot). We were told he would always walk with a limp, have gait development issues and have to undergo ongoing extensive surgery. We challenged the NHS when it came to his treatment – and won. He now runs, jumps, skips and hops like any other child. No pain and no operations.
  3. My magazine collection is very important to me – I’m mildly obsessed with interior magazines and have a secret stash in my bedroom. Except now it’s not a secret.
  4. I suffer terribly from migraines and my triggers are plenty: atmospheric changes, irregular eating, hormonal effects and smells. 
  5. My weakness is sweets. I’m like a big kid and can’t seem to stay away from the pic ‘n’ mix section when I go shopping (High fives to Wilkos & Tesco for having great pic ‘n’ mix!) I’m also partial to cake, Yorkshire Tea, stationery, household gadgets, candles and technology. 


DISCLAIMER: A final note… All views on Home and Horizon are my own. I do my best to report on news and developments as accurately as I can and I’m always honest in my reviews, whether or not they are sponsored. 

I also make no representations as to accuracy, completeness or validity of any information that I publish, and neither does the company that employs me. To put it bluntly, I’m not to blame for any errors, losses, injuries or damages arising from the words I choose to use on this site. Accept it, deal with it and move on. *smiles sweetly*