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Soho walking food tour

19th May 2016
Soho Walking Food Tour

The deal: A three-and-a-half-hour Twilight Soho Walking Food Tour in London with Eating Europe…


First impressions

I met the host of the tour (lovely Hannah), along with eight others outside the Grand Palace Theatre in Soho. Her enthusiasm seemed contagious and she was soon breaking the ice by getting us to introduce ourselves…

 Variety & entertainment

The tour was fairly fast-paced and time seemed to whiz by. Highlights included experiencing a real English gin & tonic, with a gin-infused beef pie (pictured above); sampling different types of Jamón; nibbling on gourmet tacos in a Mexican tavern; getting a flavour of Chinatown with dumplings and tea; choosing your own pintxos (Basque-style tapas); and (my favourite)…experiencing Soho’s Italian influx in the form of decadently rich tiramisu and spicy hot chocolate.

What was great? The great thing about the tour (aside by sampling a selection of gastronomy influences) was the knowledge shared en route.

We learnt things like where the rock stars of the 60s and 70s first recorded and performed, why the area is called Soho in the first place and the location of a secret bunker!

What wasn’t? There were just a couple of changes I would possibly make – the option for non-drinkers to have an alternative beverage and, having a sweet tooth, I would have liked the option of a second sampling of dessert at a different establishment – a personal preference of course. 

Soho Walking Food Tour


The walking tour costs £75 per person. It’s a bit steep but the good news is you won’t be left hungry, with generous dish sizes at most places. 


Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, as well as entertaining, and made the different areas in Soho’s history really come alive. Special requests from guests were swiftly met. 

Soho walking food tour

Good to know…

The company caters to vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets, and runs daily except public holidays and Sundays from 16:30.

All in all, the Soho walking food tour was a great experience and I’m really glad I went. It was interesting to take a food tour in London, which is effectively on my doorstep; I learnt so much about our great capital, and this in itself helped justify the cost, alongside the great tasty food of course! For details see eatinglondontours.co.uk

Enjoy this? There’s more where that came from! Join us!

Disclaimer: This service was given to me as a review sample. I am always honest in my opinion, regardless of whether or not I bought or was gifted a product or service.

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